The Adoration of the Trolls

I wish to provide a thread in this place for the continued adoration of Trolls and the refinement of the Art of Trollism. I was the undisputed head troll on’s Tabletalk for 16 years unrelenting, omnipotent beyond faults and unchallenged.  Among my many accomplishments, I blush at the elegance and the sheer volume of these tomes, was the creation, inter alia, of the Sock it to Rush thread series surpassing 80,000 posts.  I am certain I was at least partially to ‘blame’ for the demise of that hallowed thread, haunted by David Horowitz, Chester James Carville Jr. and other luminaries. It is a place that was born and died of political infamy. It was discontinued out of political cowardice. 


So, I salute trolls in such places as this and encourage future trollism as we dispute, mock and disembowel the tangled political theories of the left.