What is PBS/NPR good for?

I am watching 1991 Paul Simon "concert in the park" now on DVR I recorded this weekend, and specifically "Bridge over Troubled Water", one song I really love.


Why do I mention this?  They do fund drives.  About the only times they really show great stuff like this is during the fund drive where they interrupt asking for money multiple times.  Great, very reasonable for them to work on funding and show the best stuff they can to raise funds.


So what, you say?


How many stations do you have on your TV?  I personally have over 800.  Over 100 of them are music specific, and 1 AXS shows many concerts.


Other shows? hit and miss.  Almost everything I watch always shows up during a fund drive which they do 3 times a year or so. 


Used to watch Mcloughlin Group ever week before he passed, but that is long gone. Decades ago I watched move reviews with Siskel and Ebert, and while I often disagreed was interesting to see promos and thoughts, when one liked and other disliked I almost always knew it would be a movie I enjoyed - want say who with who, you can guess


There are some nice children's programs, but Sesame Street as an example is a franchise and one of most profitable and successful in history.


Where am I going?  Why are we subsidising this? This isn't a day where we had 3 major networks, PBS and some late night UHF network playing old stuff.  We have everything available to us.


NPR is as bad or worse.  It is considered one of the most left wing news.


Why do half of americans who disagree with these point of views still have to help pay for their existence through our taxes?


They make money in a ton of ways, our taxes are actually a minor part of their existence.  Why are we still supporting them?  They don't even follow up with commentary that a majority of Americans agree with.


They simply keep moving the left agenda.  The biggest hit on NPR was "Prairie home companion" - it's author stated openly it was pushing a liberal agenda in a "humorous" way.


Why do we have to keep putting up with this? These organizations should live or die on their own merit and contributions.  They shouldn't be part of our tax dollars


It is one more expense the government should not be making in our disastrous debt.  People have hundreds of choices, we don't need a government propaganda radio or TV network


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