Being a President is like being a father

Being a President is a lot like being a father, both are expected to try and do what's best even when it's difficult, unpopular and not appreciated.  Both probably want to be liked but often have to do things that are obviously not appreciated, if they really care about doing a good job.


I think being a father is a lot easier because most of the decisions a father makes don't have a long term downside.  Practically every decision or change that a President makes will hurt some people, and often unjustly which is a heavy burden for them to carry even when they know what they did was or will be a blessing for most of the country in the long run.


If a President tightens up our border to keep out dangerous people and prevent our economy from being further strained by indigent immigrants, they are denying immigrants the opportunity to enjoy a better life in the US.   If they refuse to allow even more deficit spending to help lower taxes they are taking money out of budgets that create government jobs and provide subsidizes to the poor.  If they play nice with other countries business interruptions are minimized but some of those countries cheat us and cost our businesses billions of dollars.


I think every President has had almost everything they do condemned by their opposition, and I'm getting a little sick of hearing it.  Maybe we'd all be better off if we let them try it their way and see if it works.