The joke that is called "collusion"

As has been discussed multiple times, collusion in and of itself is NOT a crime.


The sad thing is, no collusion has been proven to have even happened.


What has been proven (and won't even be investigated) is unprecedented domestic spying which is abuse of power by Obama.  What has been proven are laws broken by Hillary Clinton with classified emails and using a fictional dossier to generate a a FISA warrant to justify its abuse of power.


The evidence has already been laid out in a slam dunk case for how Clinton committed multiple felonies by violating the espionage act.


What is even more astounding is how this is ignored and excused by those on the left, through their donkey tinted glasses.  Defending the indefensible simply because they are on "your team".


I digress, but it was telling that The Clintons - who used to command hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech to their foundation when they had power and could pay to play were just in Montreal and got less fans than the hapless Haps even get by filling only 17% of the available seating - and most tickets sold at a steep discount of $10.


By most accounts the Mueller investigation is winding down, even from comments they have made, and what are the results?  So far, negligible.  No collusion has been identified or proven (primarily because they refused to look at those who actually were guilty of it)


All criminal indictments to date are process crimes or financial crimes, either committed well before the people  interacted with Trump, or AFTER the investigation began, and created by the investigation


Other than the point that this investigation is completely political,  a "successful" independent investigation doesn't require indictments to be successful.  Exonerating everyone involved is just as successful - if it weren't politically motivated.


Thus far, here are the people who have pled guilty, and their crimes:

George Papadopoulos: Pled guilty to lying to the FBI, no evidence of underlying crimes with regard to collusion.

Paul Manafort: Pled guilty to counts related to work for Ukrainian politicians and tax issues.

Rick Gates: Pled guilty to a false statements charge and to conspiracy related to work with Ukrainian politicians.

Russian nationals: Indicted on conspiracy charges related to interference with the 2016 election, but with no actual relation to the Trump campaign.

Alex van der Zwaan: Pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI about contacts with Gates.

Michael Cohen: Pled guilty to tax and bank charges, as well as campaign finance violations, as well as lying to Congress about Trump business in Russia.


Theorignal FISA warrant wasn't even against any of these folks, in fact, the person investigated has been charged with NOTHING after 2 years.  Carter Page isn't listed here because nothing illegal happened.


But hey, let's keep up the witch hunt and send a report to congress to impeach President Trump, right?  We have stopped being a nation of laws and have stopped peaceful tasnition of power which we have done better than any country in history by politicizing and worse, criminalizing the opposition


It is time to end this persecution.  No matter what you think of President Trump and his good or bad qualities, and his ability to govern or not, this farce needs to come to an end.  stop the total and complete #resist campaign just because you are butthurt you didn't get a third term of Obama through Hillary to complete the "fundamental transformation", and let the man govern.  If he fails, replace him through the ballot box.  If he succeeds elect him again in 2020.  Stop undermining EVERY act he tries to do as the legitimately elected president.


Many were pissed with Obama (and for you racists out there who see everything through the prism of race), not because of his race, but because of his radical ideology.  He was the most radical (and unqualified) president ever elected.  You saw TEA Party protests rise up once they saw what policies he was going for, but there was NEVER a constant attempt by everyone from the media, to academia to hollywood that tried to take him down before he ever did anything.  Americans gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He was a failure, we all know that.


Amazing how so few that opposed Trump (and I was one) will give him the benefit of the doubt.  You latch on to this comment or that comment, and use it not to engage, but simply to justify your hate and anger that he is even in the office.


Even FJ admitted he only hates Trump for one minor reason in a different thread.  Yet he will give him NO credit for any of the good he has done, even though the reason wasn't even a policy issue.  It was simply a personal grievance with something he said years ago.


The absolute unmitigated hate among the left is nonsensical.  You cannot justify what he has done in the past 2 years that is harmful - at least not legitimately and with facts.


He simply won an election and congress was kept by republicans and you cannot stand that fact. You hate that average citizens rose up and said "We don't want to go down this leftist political road".


Get over yourselves.  And I know there will be serious bitching from lefties on this site to this article, and I bet not a single one of you will admit that he has actually done some really good stuff as president.  I don't agree with all he has done, and will criticize him as necessary, but not a single one of you has been honest enough to say "hey his decision to do XXXX was the right choice".


You simply cannot accept the fact that he isn't Hillary.


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