DRAFT: Election 2018-The Aftermath.

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I am surprised as everyone the results of Election Day 2018. I had a feeling that there would be consequences as to Donald Trump's words, especially calling people names and acting like a bully. When I watched yesterday's news conference at the White House where he treated members of the Press was disrespect and displayed terrible behavior. Trump has proven that he isn't fit to be President and not a leader. He cannot acknowledge that there was no win as he claims. Trump lost and was building up candidates who 

CNN Reporter Jim Acosta had his Press Credentials revoked by this "Leader" because he is doing his job and not dancing to the tune that Trump is playing. Disrespect was leveled also at a Reporter from PBS and at April Ryan. I refuse to call this man President because his behavior for the past 2 years embarrasses America and sets a horrible example to young people, especially children especially demonizing People of Color. He has done this to both Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum referring to them in a racist, derogatory manner. 

Guess what Trump Supporters? I have been telling you for the past 3 years what kind of man Trump is and you are seeing 1st hand the real Donald John Trump! His actions speak for him; He is a racist and his deflection of the PBS Reporter's question by calling her a racist when she asked him about his nationalistic tendencies that caters to White Nationalists and not knowing Rapper Lil John. The man is a liar!! Trump Supporters: Your "Leader" is a sham and him not taking responsibility for his actions.

Coming from NYC like Mr. Trump does have a history of Racism and you can no longer ignore it. It's time Trump Supporters to really, really look at yourselves and see Donald Trump for who he really is. Keep on ignoring me, demeaning me, and making excuses. I am telling the truth and that display of a lack of class is the beginning of the end to Donald Trump's Presidency. 


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