Incompetence is a bi-partisan problem

To those that think it's the GOP's fault voter rights are being denied,


There are many things that Democrats can do which are technical in nature that will make it easier to vote. They control many States and Counties around the country but have done little to make it easier to vote. My County in Western PA is solidly Democratic and they are getting ready to spend millions on new voting machines, when the old ones, while a bit antiquated, work just fine. No mail in system that eliminates the thousands of poll workers and support staff was even considered. It is all about spending someone else's money on gee whiz tech that is debatable on whether it is more secure than the old system, and the efficiency improvement has not been demonstrated.


Rail against Republicans all you want, but there are many things that can be done that could make it easier to vote, that do not require GOP support. There were long lines in California districts. That State is Democrat from top to bottom. Unfortunately incompetence is a bi-partisan problem.