How Should Republicans react to midterms?

The republican house has passed over 100 bills that are sitting in the senate waiting to be considered for votes.  Many on promises they have made.


There are still 2 months before the democrats take over.  Congress should not go into recess until they have pushed as much legislation through as possible.


They can hold of on judges in the senate as they now have a bit of a larger majority coming in and won't have to count on the Collinses and Murkowskis of the world to get good judges through.


They should focus on getting bills sitting around passed before they expire when the new congress comes in on 1/2.


They should pass their 10% middle class tax cut quickly.  They can get that through in the next few weeks if they push it.


Redo a CR/Budget for 2019 that tightens up the spending and cuts out ludicrous items such as funding Planned Parenthood (a PRIVATE company, btw should receive half a BILLION dollars annually of taxpayer funding)


Take care of the business they should have done over the past 2 years and they might not have lost the seats they did.


They should note that those that supported Trump and he campaigned for almost all won.  I believe only Heller in Nevada and Morrisey in NJ that Trump campaigned for lost, and that was just barely.  Most of those that lost didn't have Trump come in and help.  They should take that as an indicator that obstruction isn't what Americans want.


The only reason Pelosi has switched to "Impeachment is off the table" is because she saw there was not overwhelming support for the hate Trump platform and it isn't a winning strategy.  It won't stop all the new investigations that will be launched by Schiff and company who will now be in charge.  Republicans need to wrap up the investigations with the indictment recommendations pushed to the DOJ prior to 1/1


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