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My youngest daughter is 15, and a dumphone moron. But often she asks me: "Papi, ist that true what I read ? I was on Facebook and Mum didn't know that because otherwise she'd got mad at me. So I gave it up. Same as Instagram. I read of people playing games which led to suicide of teens. Is that true ? Why do kids do that ? Can't they talk to their parents and friends ? What drives them ? I mean, you're an old guy *chuckle*, but you know something. Actually, I might need the "pill" to avoid pregnency soon. What do you think ?"


"I think that's good. When I was 16, my girlfriend was 15, and her parents didn't favor that. So we did hide it. You know her, Marie-Claire. You see, I was young once as well. I've done a lot of shit too, as every young person which is curious does. I was revolting against my parents, every generation does that in order to get an own identity. Whatever you do, do it, but ask me before. Because I might have done it too and know the outcome."


"But don't tell Mom, ok ? I mean she's over-protective and I don't want you to have a fight because of this, like, when I want to stay out longer that she wants me to."


"No sweat. You see, we were all young once. but often the parents forget that. Most important thing is you talk to me, and believe me, I feel pretty good when you talk to me about stuff like that."


"Did you ever taste drugs ?"


"Yep. I smoked Marijuana and Hashish for a while when I was about 17 or 18. But I gave it up later."


"Why ? Seems to make feel good ! Many of my friends smoke it."


"It depends. If you smoke a joint once a week that's ok. You see, it's like anything you consume. Drink a beer every other day it's ok. Drink beer all the time it's not. Eat McDonalds every day and you'll get sick. Too much of anything is too much. When you notice that you NEED something, stop it."


(Fictive talk, but that's how we talk to each other. Trust is all. And I feel fucking honored that my daughter discusses EVERYTHING with me.)


I had quite some discussions with my daughter lately, because she's very beautiful and, although it flattens her, it makes her uncomfortable. She's not into boyfriends really yet, because she doesn't like adolescent male behavior such as "hey, bitch". But I must confess that I'm a bit afraid about the future when hormons get crazy....