DRAFT: Jealousy - The Most Destructive Force on Earth

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<p>The recent release of the film <em>Bohemian Rhapsody</em> prompted me to revisit the British band Queen. Many of Queen's songs are prominent in the soundtrack of my life, and, like many such songs, have both good and bad associations, but mostly good ones. While many people &#8220;binge-watch&#8221;, I usually &#8220;binge listen&#8221;. The last thing I binge-watched was <em>I, Claudius</em>, that masterpiece of the BBC that featured, among other things, a younger Patrick Stewart (with a wig), who played the role of Sejanus; the finger-wag he got from Macro (John Rhys-Davies) that signaled Sejanus&#8217;s impending demise was one of the more memorable scenes in a series chock-full of them.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Anyway, I decided to binge-listen to Queen. Digging through my dusty and cob-webbed archives, I was surprised to find that I had all of their studio albums. I also had, among other things, The Chambers Brothers, Moby Grape, and the entire 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. I still have no idea where I picked that stuff up, but as it&#8217;s my habit to not look a gift horse in the mouth, was glad all the same to find them.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Listening to Queen, I was reminded of the fact that they are among the greatest musical acts that ever existed. An extremely rich blend of hard and soft music that puts them in a class all of their own. It was an emotional roller-coaster ride of sorts, and the song &#8220;You&#8217;re My Best Friend&#8221; got me a little misty-eyed, for reasons I will never share with strangers.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Among the songs I listened to for the first time in many years was "Jealousy", from their album <em>Jazz</em>.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p><a title="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rSSmgXEKuY" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rSSmgXEKuY">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rSSmgXEKuY</a></p>" target="_blank"><p>&#160;</p> <p><strong>Jealousy</strong> - A resentment towards someone for a perceived advantage or superiority they hold; envy towards another's possessions.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>The song got me to thinking about the various ways my jealousies toward others, and the jealousies that others have shown toward me, have had nothing but destructive effects, and often, mutually-destructive ones at that. One of the things I enjoy about getting older is that my jealousies have either waned significantly or have completely disappeared, although it does raise its ugly head from time to time.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>For a lack of more sophisticated words, I really don&#8217;t give a rodent&#8217;s rump about &#8220;who gets this&#8221; and &#8220;who got that&#8221;. What to say&#8230;life&#8217;s a bitch, and then you die. Generally speaking, one reaps what one sows. Rather than being angry and bitter about those people who have &#8220;had it better&#8221;, my attitude has shifted more toward, &#8220;Bully for you, motherfucker. I&#8217;m glad it happens to someone.&#8221; I was talking to someone who worked in biochemistry, and suggested to her that if she found a cure for jealousy, at least 90% of the world&#8217;s interpersonal problems would be solved at a stroke.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>&#160;</p>