DRAFT: 2018 Midterms: A Mixed Bag

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Now that the Midterms are over, I wanted to drop in and give some random musings.  


First, the positive:


Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives


For the first time since 2010 Democrats take over control of the House of Representatives.  This is very much a positive.  At least one branch of government will act as a brake on the orange toad currently squatting in the White House, well, besides the judiciary.  The Democrats in the House need to go on the offensive and force the Republican Senate to say no or be forced to compromise.  If I 'm Pelosi or whoever is Speaker of the House I immediately start working on healthcare and education.  I wouldn't waste time on impeachment unless Mueller (or whoever) finds evidence of a crime.  Impeachment isn't going to work out unless someone does find evidence of Trump actually committing a crime.  I'd let it just simmer.


Kansas elects a Democratic Governor


There are two positives with this:

1) It shows that voters actually decided that the same old/same old no longer worked after years of failure and;

2) It pissed off Anne Coulter.  When that pseudo-Nazi is annoyed it makes the world a brighter place.  Frankly if it had pissed off Ben Shapiro that would be icing on a cake.  


The Mixed Bag


Speaking of Governors, Democrats also won some gubernatorial races yesterday.  Besides Kansas Democrats won Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico.  The last I checked Connecticut is still in play.  


The bad part in that is 


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