The economic hibernation is officially over

Could you imagine what Trump's approval rating would be if he enjoyed the same lovefest that Obama did for 8 years, where over 47% of all the articles on him were positive?


With regards to the economy, it is booming in spite of what Obama thinks or says.

3.7% unemployment with the LFPR on the rise, with the most people ever employed in US history. Wages increased 3.1% for the year as of last month.


I think America has always been great, but it went into an economic hibernation during the later years of Bush and almost the entire Obama Presidency. With regards to jobs, I know that this economy is actually producing full time jobs, where the Obama economy took full time jobs and turned them in to part time jobs, with the loss of benefits, mainly due to the ACA and the increasing healthcare costs.


I think Trump is for bringing back jobs to the American worker. If it is union jobs, then so be it. the revised version of NAFTA is actually geared towards the UAW and they are happy with the improvement. I believe under Obama, a grand total of roughly 800,000 manufacturing jobs were created, where under Trump, through July 2018, over 400,000 manufacturing jobs (the ones that would not be coming back) have been created, which if you work it out, on a like for like basis is 3 times the rate of that under Obama.


Lindsay Wheeler Added Nov 7, 2018 - 12:57pm
The Press is an arm of the Democrat Party. Not only did the Press work for Obama, the Federal Reserve did also. They only rates twice in eight years. 
America is under occupation. 
Dino Manalis Added Nov 7, 2018 - 1:44pm
 Economic stagnation is over, the economy is roaring ahead and Democratic takeover of the House will require Trump to emphasize unity and bipartisanship, which will help him politically even more.  Trump seemed to support Pelosi today!
Johnny Fever Added Nov 7, 2018 - 3:49pm
In fairness to Obama, the economy expanded in each year of his presidency.  So it was most definitely not in hibernation.  
You forgot to highlight the fact Trump's economy has expanded despite very high interest rates.  Obama's economy needed a discount rate of near 0% to achieve anemic growth.
I would also add that Bush's economy likely suffered because it was clear the Democrats would regain the White House in 2008.  Americans, greedy capitalists that they are, knew to sell before the socialists held the reins of power.    
Ken Added Nov 8, 2018 - 12:28pm
Trump is up to a 51% approval rating and over 90% of press is negative.
FacePalm Added Nov 8, 2018 - 1:23pm
political guy 65-
i never liked D'OhBama; i always thought he was another Woodrow Wilson, plucked from obscurity to be a mouthpiece for the banksters.  Tried to warn people about him, too; after all, the "sealing" of his college records, his millions spent to prevent anyone seeing his BC, his multiple lies, his antipathy toward Israel and open support of Muslims should have been glaring red flags for anyone with eyes to see.
As to the media, with the exception of Fox, they're essentially the Horns of the Beast.  Mouths of Sauron, if you will.  Even Fox is suspect; although the commentators(Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, Bartiromo, Carlson) are great supporters both of the president and the MAGA agenda, many others aren't so much, like Shepherd and the other rat-faced guy with the narrow eyes - Bret Baer?
It is my sincere hope that D'OhBama is soon exposed for the traitor he was then, is now, and is likely to remain until his imprisonment, preferably within spitting distance of the Liar; maybe BJ Billy will be bunkmates with him, as well.
i don't really believe that America's economy was "in hibernation."  i believe that there was a well-thought-out Plan in place since at LEAST the Klinton presidency to convert the American industrial powerhouse into a "service economy," to weaken it and make it ripe for the plucking.   Then, it was routinely plucked.
Now, we have a president who says "No More!"  i'm very glad he rolled back every unfair trade deal the previous 5 admins saddled Americans with; i'm glad that he's persuaded the EU to pony up for NATO, instead of compelling American taxpayers to subsidize them; i'm glad that he's convinced the EU to lower and work toward the elimination of tariffs; i'm glad he opened up the pipelines and the ANWR to exploration/marketing of the abundant natural resources there; i'm glad that many US oil companies are pulling up stakes from foreign nations and returning here.  i'm glad he rolled back so many of the regulations that were stifling to business and therefore to any workers' chances of success; i'm glad he gave tax cuts which have had the effect of creating 4.2 million jobs(closer to 4.5, now) AND got 4 million plus off welfare. 
In short, Trump is an incredible blessing to this country and the world itself.  He's made a firm stand against the globalists, loves America and Americans, and although he doesn't WANT war with any other countries, he's certainly prepared to USE the stick instead of the carrot, which is why NoKo hasn't fired any missiles in a year or so.  In addition, the principles of "my nation first" are also sweeping the globe; success always breeds imitation.  Look at Brazil, Italy, Britain(with the Brexit), Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, and now, even Germany, as the architect of it's destruction via immigration, Merkel, has essentially been rendered powerless by the last election there.
Overall, things are looking up - and the globalists are scared and angry as they watch their cleverly-contrived plots being exposed and rejected wholesale.  They're also wealthy, and anger is multiplied by wealth, so watch out for their counterstrike.  Their near-total control of US media and their recent ability to silence conservative voices on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube(among many others) isn't working, and in fact, is having a "blowback" or "boomerang" effect.  They don't know what to do.  Everything they're trying is failing.