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Amidst more of the rancor here on WB its time for yet another post about normal things.


We were invited to join a group of motorcyclists some time ago and the weekend before last we went on a destination ride to the east coast of the island of Koh Mak in the Gulf of Siam. It was an amazing ride that turned my enjoyment of motorcycle riding into an abiding love.


We rendezvoused early at convenient location to all. After fueling up with hi-test of both the vroom kind and the coffee kind we made our way across Hwy 3 and then turned off to the ferry pier at Laem Ngop. Hwy 3 was a heavy throttle run with only a few lights to slow progress on this heavily traveled four lane road. The real fun began when we hit the hilly winding two lane to the ferry pier. What a joy to ride with so many skilled riders through some lovely country. 


Ferry formalities completed we were ushered aboard for the forty minute crossing to Koh Mak. After a slight delay caused by the ferry company not boarding our support vehicle with us we began the best part of the ride up and down steep hills of up to twelve degrees, sharp turns, steep drop offs, and crossing small streams until we arrived at our resort. 


Relaxation and naps for those of us who required it, playing in the water and fishing for those so inclined. The evening brought non-stop seafood barbecue accompanied by all manner of Thai food and treats. Copious amounts of adult beverages were consumed so it wasn't long before the guitars came out and the singing began. 


The morning brought the usual litany of hangovers and early counter drinking. After those who could had eaten we saddled up around noon to reverse the process and make our way home. 


Now begins the search for the perfect bike to replace my eight year old and very beloved Honda TA 200 chopper. It has served me well and faithfully these thirty eight hundred kilometers and eight years but is too slow at a maximum of one hundred twenty kph preventing everyone else from fully enjoying their faster capabilities. 





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