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I was sitting in the barbershop this morning and the barber, who has been cutting my hair for decades, asked me an odd question.  He asked, "your sister is married, isn't she?"


I gave him my Mr. Spock raised eyebrow and said, "Yeah, she is and...?"


"Are you okay with him being married to your sister?", he asked.  I told him "Of course! You've met him and he is a good guy."


He chuckled and said that my sister's husband was my brother-in-law, with the operational word being "brother".  He went on, "so that means in coonass family it is okay that your brother is married to your sister!  


I sat there quietly for a minute, then I said, "Yeah, I guess that is pretty bad having my brother being married to my sister.  You're married so that means you have a mother-in-law, with the operational word being 'mother', right?


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