DRAFT: Out For A Ride With Friends

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Amidst more of the rancor here on WB its time for yet another post about normal things.


We were invited to join a group of motorcyclists some time ago and the weekend before last we joined them on a destination ride to the east coast of Koh Mak an island in the Gulf of Siam. It was an amazing ride that turned my enjoyment of motorcycle riding into an abiding love.


We rendezvoused early at convenient location to all. After fueling up with hi-test of both the vroom kind and the coffee kind we made our way across Hwy 3 and then turned off to the ferry pier at Laem Ngop. Hwy 3 was a heavy throttle run with only a few lights to slow progress on this heavily traveled four lane road. The real fun began when we hit the hilly winding two lane to the ferry pier. What a joy to ride with so many skilled ridersw through som lovely country. 




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