No Pun In Ten Did

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I entered ten puns into a contest once, thinking at least one of the puns would allow me to win some pointless points or other prize. No pun in ten did!


Many people are familiar with William Penn, but not many people are familiar with his two Aunts. Both Aunts were very famous for their pies ... so much so that they were invited to New York to share their culinary treats with the more influential members of the Colonial high set ... the new American Aristocracy if you will. Unfortunately, such was their competitive nature that they inevitably had to go their separate ways, each one setting up a shop on what is now Broadway. Each was intent on besting each other and this ultimately led to a war between the twain wherein they were actually selling the most wonderful pies ever to be had in New York City for far less than it cost to produce them. For years, all the people on Broadway could talk about was the Pie Rates of Penn's Aunts.


Let's see your best ... or worst puns for that matter. 


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