Does Mexico have a President?

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Until November 30th2018 Pena Nieto will be the President of Mexico, which means that he will live in the official residence called Los Pinos. But is he really in charge of the Mexican territory or does he even have any authority to act as commander in chief of the Mexican Army? And, does Mexico have borders? I don’t know, you tell me because I don’t see any action or reaction to the human tragedy called “the caravan”.

We were told that P.N. made recently an offer? An offer? There is no time to lose and the children need urgent protection because they were just forced to participate in an extremely dangerous enterprise! P.N. has to immediately intervene and not just make an offer! P.N. knew that he had just to say something for the cameras to not do anything at all. The truth is, that if the cartels grant the transit through Mexico and get paid for that, thousands will walk through.


Not many know that the Mexican territory is divided into approximately 9 regions from which 8 are in the hands of a “family or cartel”. And, the heads of these cartels are usually former Army officers so they are well trained and know a lot about warfare. So with whom do we have to negotiate: With P.N., the cartels or the new President-elect (assumed he is not already in the hands of the “regional bosses”)?


Human, drugs and gun trafficking is the cartel’s major source of income, so they sure don’t like the wall. The saddest part is the trafficking, abuse and rape of children. But our communists (former Democrats) don’t care because children cannot vote anyway and so they welcome the caravan with open arms to feed their voter databank with names from adults. It wouldn’t surprise me if “Beto” requests a delay for Midterm Election Day until his constituency arrives in Texas. Whoever is opposed to the wall as a barrier, doesn’t give a dime to this horrendous tragedy and to the sovereignty of the United States. And, the Latin American presidents who are just watching how children are forced to walk from Honduras through Guatemala and Mexico are committing a crime against humanity and accepting mass child abuse and mistreatment.

Latin Americans used to be “brothers”. Where are they now? They are not doing a thing to protect their people because they are only interested in protecting the elite and their own families. This is why any financial help to these countries has to be stopped immediately, as money is only used to enrich the ones who are already wealthy and in power.


Women and children have to be removed by force from the caravan and brought back to their country of origin. Most of all they need to get the right information as they have been lied to.


Unfortunately, and as we know, women and children are being used as a shield in the front part of the caravan. The organizers know very well what to do as no army is going to attack women and children. We know today that many bad guys are embedded in the caravan: terrorists, MS-13, people that were already deported several times and all kinds of criminals. Meanwhile, these bad guys have attacked the police with stones. Don’t get me wrong, some guys are good people who really believe that they can invade the U.S. and get a job, but all this out of ignorance. I understand that they are fleeing violence but how could they join a caravan infested with criminals? Were many women forced to join? Violence towards women is sadly very common in this region as well. The problem in the Third World is that poverty not only means hunger and poor housing but analphabetism. I am sure that a high percentage of the participants in the caravan can neither read nor write and are therefore easy to manipulate by the organizers (corrupt governments mentioned before, the communist NWO, the DNC, cartels etc.). They don’t have a clue about the law and about what is possible to do or not and this is why many are acting not only to pursue a better life but out of misinformation and false hopes. This is no excuse but it has to be taken into account to convince the women to get out of the caravan with their children before they get harmed. Because of the dangerous elements within the group, there is no way around not to call this a national security issue. 


Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are failed countries owned either by cartels or extreme wealthy families that have enslaved their populations and profited from large natural resources for decades. Corruption is widespread and a way of life since colonialism.


The caravan has to be stopped in Mexico and should have been stopped before entering Mexico at all. America’s southern border is right now a war zone, thanks to the open borders agenda and the catch and release policy from the last administration. Obama, the food stamps and no-legacy-President, has still to respond to the Fast and Furious gun-running operation that caused the death of several border patrols. How could Obama deliver guns to criminals after telling us all this time that he was against guns?

And here is the second question to Obama: Where are all those children that were transported away in buses - without their parents - after crossing the border into the U.S. a few years ago?


So what we need to do is defend our President and our borders because OUR SOUTHERN NEIGHBOR DOESN’T HAVE A PRESIDENT and DOESN’T HAVE A BORDER and Trump is the only leader who is willing to fight and preserve our sovereignty.

Vote GOP as if it was fighting for your life! Defend your home country and your family!



John Minehan Added Nov 3, 2018 - 9:49am
I spent a fair amount of time in the Southwest when I was in the Army, but it has been a long time since I was there. 
It does not seem like Mexico is that strong a state these days, but reporting can be distorted.
Steel Breeze Added Nov 3, 2018 - 9:53am
invade and take Mexico.have the military erase the cartels.make it the 51st state and let big oil punch holes and open refineries there.
higher standard of living for Mexicans resulting in less immigration and more moving back.
drastic reduction in drug flow.
much smaller southern border to protect.
American manufacturers located there are home again.
much larger oil supply and reduced prices.
end of the neverending immigration debate.
freedom for the Mexican people from the heel of the cartels.
and fuck what the rest of world thinks of it....
John Minehan Added Nov 3, 2018 - 12:17pm
Maybe 51st through 81st, since they already have 31 states?
Nobody's Sweetheart Added Nov 3, 2018 - 3:57pm
"Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are failed countries owned either by cartels or extreme wealthy families that have enslaved their populations and profited from large natural resources for decades. Corruption is widespread and a way of life since colonialism."
They're not the only ones, lol.
Susitna Added Nov 3, 2018 - 4:45pm
To Michael: My article refers only to the countries involved with the caravan issue that demands all the attention right now. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones and there is actually nothing to laugh about.
Nobody's Sweetheart Added Nov 3, 2018 - 5:10pm
@ Susitna - Really? Then why am I howling? LOOOOOOOL!!!!
Jeff Michka Added Nov 3, 2018 - 6:58pm
Sustainpeddle probably believes her screed will be read by unswayed voters who will immediately tell themselves "Here I was concerned about my healthcare and retirement, but now I'm sooo scared, I'll vote T instead of D.  Trump will have all those invaders killed." LOL Sustainpeddle takes he/she/itself a little too seriously.  Frankly, there's only laughter for all this caravan fear.  It's a ploy, stupid people.  Orange garbage sack is using the military as a stage props, not for national defense.
Johnny Fever Added Nov 4, 2018 - 5:11am
Yes, Mexico has a president. 
The fact it’s a poor country with porous borders, simply makes Mexico much like the rest of the globe.  America stands a part in that we are arguably the most economically advanced country in the world.  This means that people from poorer places than Mexico, as well as Mexicans, will risk life and limb to come.  Accordingly, there have been Caravans of people in route to the United States for decades.  The fact Trump and you are making such a big deal about this Caravan is only evidence of scaremongering for political gain.  
Susitna Added Nov 4, 2018 - 5:43am
Trump and me making a big deal? What about the MSM and Beto sending campaign money to the people in the caravan? But I see, you don't care about the women and children, because this is the main focus of my article, just in case you read it. And no, Mexico doesn't have a president. It is obvious!
Bill Kamps Added Nov 4, 2018 - 6:00am
It is impossible to stop the flow of immigrants, unless we cut off what is attracting them in the first place.
It would be relatively easy to cut off the employment opportunities by enforcing existing laws.  We choose not to do it, and we suffer the consequences. 
Susitna Added Nov 4, 2018 - 6:21am
To Bill: Yes, we are also suffering the consequences from politicians and large companies who promoted the illegal entry of cheap labour force. We were constantly told that Americans didn't want to accept "certain jobs". I believe that Americans rightfully didn't want to accept poor working conditions.  
Dino Manalis Added Nov 4, 2018 - 8:54am
 The wall is necessary, because our military and police won't stop them either.  I hope serious criminals will be detained or deported, but the rest should be treated humanely and helped with their personal problems.  
John Minehan Added Nov 4, 2018 - 4:15pm
"It would be relatively easy to cut off the employment opportunities by enforcing existing laws.  We choose not to do it, and we suffer the consequences."
Yeah, that is it.  I saw the old IGB back during the Cold War.  Where the language and the culture same on both sides of a Border . . . there ain't a Border, no matter a Wall or DShKs or mines.  
Susitna Added Nov 4, 2018 - 4:57pm
To Jeff M:
Yes, I guess that you believe that your guy with the humongous ears and fake smile, known today as the food stamps and no legacy president was more efficient than President Trump. I mean, isn’t that cool that B.O. was behind a gun running operation where American border patrols got killed? Or wait, he promoted “rules of engagement” in war zones to protect terrorists while hundreds of marines were massacred? But the latest one is even better, because 5 of his “moderate brothers” just joined the jihad after been released by your great “communist organizer”. I understand now why you love this Logan-Act-Violator so much. You must be even cooler than him!
And regarding your conspiracy theory……check out what your lovely Beto is doing in Texas with campaign money. Yes, the DNC-mob is transferring money to the caravan and Beto is helping very actively with this matter hoping to get a shot out of this process in 2020.  Beto knows that he cannot win and has decided to meanwhile serve his communist NWO-master.
Don’t take yourself too seriously as you are incredibly funny if not pathetic.
Logical Man Added Nov 4, 2018 - 6:17pm
Does the US have a president or a does the Fed run the place?
I'd go with the latter.
Politicians are there to give the illusion of choice, in reality, you have none.
Susitna Added Nov 5, 2018 - 5:46am
To Logical: You are very right. But this is about to change. And this is one of the reasons why they hate Trump. He doesn't belong to the swamp. Can you remember what Kennedy was planning to do with the Fed?
Johnny Fever Added Nov 5, 2018 - 10:15am
Yes, Trump and far right nationalists are making a big deal of the Caravan…see any of his rallies. 
Beto and the MSM are not making a big deal of the caravan, nor are they sending money to the caravan.  We know this because there is no better issue to get conservatives like you to go out and vote than the caravan.  Accordingly, if anyone is sending money, it’s Republicans.   
The more logical explanation is that the caravan is a bullshit story, propped up by Trump to rile up his base.  Having said that, I really don’t care how Republicans win, so long as they win.  Besides, in the dirty tricks to get elected category, Democrats remain far ahead of Republicans.  If there were more than a dozen people on this site, I would have bit my tongue and allowed your nonsense.  Seeing there are less than a dozen, I think it’s important you realize how wrong you are. 
Oh and by the way, in terms of GDP Mexico ranks 15th out of 195 nations.  Not too shabby for a country without a president…eh?
Susitna Added Nov 5, 2018 - 11:26am
To Johnny: Check out the video from Project Veritas regarding Beto vs Caravan. 
When you say that we are making a big deal, it is a big deal at least for the women and children that got involved in this journey. You seem to be cool about that.
Regarding logical thinking, you should realize that this is one of the most difficult and heartbreaking situations to deal with and at the same time to have the duty to defend the country. Trump would rather focus all his energy in the rallies only. Who knows maybe the deep state is trying to overwhelm him with disasters! Nobody is having a benefit from this tragedy but the NWO, organizers (Dems) and the cartels. This caravan or caravans can get out of control anytime and the MSM is waiting for a picture of a dead child! And guess what they are going to do with this picture! Do you remember the crying girl and Trump on the cover of the New York Times?
Around a human tragedy, there are always vultures making money. Believe me!
And regarding your GDP......poverty and misery is there for all of us to see. You should check much better who is really enjoying the wealth in Mexico. But most of all you should read first and then comment.  
Susitna Added Nov 5, 2018 - 4:41pm
Hey Johnny! Check this out:
Jeff Michka Added Nov 5, 2018 - 5:28pm
Sustainpeddle can't really prove George Soros is behind the carvan with that phony Youtube crap.  Sustanpeddle is just doing her/him/it job of promoting the T Party midterm agenda of fear of immigrants and tries like most rightist blame someone calling her a partisan phony and making light of her fear peddling.  The good news is for Sustainpeddle is that fear works in post 9/11 America.  Americans have gotten into actually wanting to be scared by non-issues and non-scary things.  Hey silly people, Sustainpeddle's jumpmaster wants you scared of immigrants while healthcare, SSI and Medicare go away to pay for Trump's rich people tax break.  You buy into scary caravans?  Fine, but think how scary it will be to sit in a banruptsy court, or stand in line at a food bank.  What Sustainpeddle also fails to remind you, it was he/she/its handlers have destroyed your community and neighborhoods, hold your wages down, and they really, like Sustainpeddle, couldn't care less about you and your family.  All she could do here is take swipes at me, since I'm the issue, not "caravans."  Careful, those armored strollers will break your toes when they get run over as moms flow seamlessly over the border running to vote,  Anyone believing this needs help, badly.
Logical Man Added Nov 5, 2018 - 5:42pm
Susitna, do you remember what the Fed did to Kennedy?
Susitna Added Nov 5, 2018 - 6:02pm
To Logical Man: Unfortunately, I do. Believe me, I am praying. 
Jeff Michka Added Nov 5, 2018 - 8:34pm
You are just preying, Sustainpeddle,
Susitna Added Nov 6, 2018 - 4:54am
I still haven't heard if Latin America is doing something to protect the women and children. What is going on here? Evil forces must me sacrificing the poorest of the poor and everyone is just watching. The outcome will be devastating and the MSM just wants to get "the picture" to attack the "White Man". Americans will hold together and I deeply hope that violence will be reduced to a minimum.
Get the women and children out of the caravans!
Let's pray that wisdom and a peaceful solution is going to be on our side. 
Kristen Foley Added Nov 6, 2018 - 9:20am
Assume you’re the president of Mexico, what would you do about the caravan?  Will you round up the women and children and put them under state care/custody?  What if they run, will you chase after them or shoot them?  How will you prove the people you’re rounding up are in fact not Mexican citizens looking to get to America?  Will you require all Mexicans to carry passports?
Hopefully my questions alert you to the complicated and delicate situation the caravan is to both the Mexican president and Trump.  Even if Mexico was a wealthy country and had a superstar for a president, there is no solution to a caravan of people looking for a better life on the other side of your border. 
Susitna Added Nov 6, 2018 - 11:18am
To Kristen: What I am trying to say is that we have to save the women and children. I can barely watch these kids walking for several days all this way hungry, without enough food, shelter and maybe even sick. When there is an earthquake Latin Americans know what to do to help. This is not different from a catastrophe. Women and children are been used as a shield by very bad guys. I am not saying that all are bad. These people have been lied to. Furthermore, the caravan has to be split. Imagine if they start running, there will be many innocent people who are going to die. We have seen this in situations when panic breaks out. Believe me, Pena Nieto could do more, but he is part of the corruption. I am completely on the side of President Trump. He has to defend his people and the country. I am very much aware of how difficult the situation is. I am not sure if you have read my initial article. The U.S. Army cannot act if women and children are still part of the caravan. I don't even want to tell you what is already going on with the women and children. Some horrible criminals are around. A very desperate and difficult situation, indeed. I hope that you understand me now. And please don't forget this caravan was organized by evil forces. Check it out, please! Many are making money by offering transport and other means. There are always parasites making money out of terrible situations. My message was, all in all, to explain how difficult it will be for President Trump to deal with a war zone at the border and a country that is in complete disarray because it is in the hands of cartels. 
Jeff Michka Added Nov 6, 2018 - 4:29pm
Sustainpeddle, doing the bidding of her T Party directives goes on and on about Beto and how he's sending money to the "caravan of evil," pushing it's way through Mexico to "invade" the US and immediately vote and get "free stuff", then fan out through the white burbs to rape and kill white people.  Sustainpeddle counts on suspended disbelief for he/she/its message.  And now, to add to its pile of horrors, it's Mexican cartels controlling things.  Riiiiight, far riiight.  Get the US Army out as stage props in Orange s**t's reality TV show, formerly known as the United States of America, most of the GIs, just back from their latest deployments, to "keep us safe on the border."  I think Sustainpeddle is nothing more than a serial liar, preying on silly people that will believe anything.  Real font of free dumb, eh?
Susitna Added Nov 6, 2018 - 8:01pm
To Jeff the house clown: Did I hurt you or are you just the typical racist and misogynist democrat with an acute status of TDS? Too bad Obamacare doesn't cover that. 
Susitna Added Nov 7, 2018 - 7:40am
So what now? Did the NWO-MSM forget the caravan or are they just waiting for further instructions from their Masters?
Jeff Michka Added Nov 7, 2018 - 8:06pm
Must be waiting for instructions and more money from Beto.  Are you awaiting for instructions from YOUR RNC Masters, Sustainpeddle?  Now, why am I a misogynist, fuckhead?  If you're a woman....we just don't know, do we?  Seems your Orange Shitbag forgot the caravan today, it no longer needed as a bloody shirt to draw Trumpists.  The bad ol media is probably the number 1 reason Orange garbage still occupies the Whitehouse: " rump is taking a dump!! Film at 11." Must be so degrading for Trump to have to live in a house last lived in by a black man.  I'm soooo hurt by you Sustainpeddle....LOL.  Fool and shill you are.  Election is over, your "job"' you can slink away, Sustainpeddle.
Johnny Fever Added Nov 8, 2018 - 10:06am
The men, women and children that are making their way from some shithole of a country to America are doing so under their own free will.  I wish it were not so, but our country is great and I don’t fault anyone for wanting to come here. 
This problem has nothing to do with Dems or some NWO secret society, it’s simply a fact that has now been true for hundreds of years.  That’s right, for well over a hundred years, people like you have been pissed off about other people coming here. 
The New York Times, as a member of the free press, is free to blame dead children traveling with the caravan on Trump.  To be sure, it would be a ridiculous assertion, but that’s the kind of stuff their readers want to read.  I don’t fault the NYT for making a living, I fault its readers for buying a worthless paper.    
Susitna Added Nov 8, 2018 - 12:19pm
To Johnny: I know that this phenomenon of immigration and emigration has been around for a very long period of time and that people have the option to seek a better life. No discussion about that. If you read my article you will notice that I am talking about one specific case - the actual caravan. Believe me, this is not a spontaneous caravan and there is tons of information around available. If you don't want to read about, you are of course free to do so, but don't show up with historic events from the past to launch irrelevant explanations or attack President Trump. This attitude is getting overused. We have a huge and tragic problem here and you are talking about Trump. You would be the kind of guy who while running out of fuel would start blaming Trump instead of making an emergency landing. Hatred seems to be blocking logical thinking. 
I could not believe that you would be able to write that kind of stuff in your last paragraph regarding the New York Times and pictures from dead children. This is beyond what I can handle. The false premise that thanks to the freedom of the press one can write blunt attacks without corroboration does not have anything to do with any kind of freedom but with agitation and manipulation. We could even call it the freedom to brainwash. What the NYT gets is a free pass from certain people. Freedom of the press can be misused like everything else. In the past, every newspaper would seek to prove an event before printing anything! They were reporting! You talk about dead children as if they were dead objects that you can use to attack the President. Trump is not the President from Honduras, nor Guatemala nor Mexico. And to avoid your own responsibility you state that people want to watch this kind of pictures. So you throw a stone and hide your hand. You are worried about the children but at the same time, you really don't care.
You have a negative way to amaze me. 
Susitna Added Nov 10, 2018 - 7:46pm
One child disappeared a few days ago. We can only assume that many more children are missing.
Mexican women were raped by members from the caravan in two different cities.
200 guys taking part in the caravan were offered transportation and have disappeared. The authorities assume that the cartels have picked them up for possible recruitment. 
Many Mexicans are complaining about the caravan and want the President to send them back. 
The tension between Mexicans and the people from Honduras is rising.
It has been confirmed that MS-13 is embedded in the caravan. 
Once again: Does Mexico have a President?