DRAFT: Does Mexico have a President?

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<p>Until November 30<sup>th</sup>2018 Pena Nieto will be the President of Mexico, which means that he will live in the official residence called Los Pinos. But is he really in charge of the Mexican territory or does he even have any authority to act as commander in chief of the Mexican Army? And, does Mexico have borders? I don&#8217;t know, you tell me&#160;because I don&#8217;t see any action or reaction to the human tragedy called &#8220;the caravan&#8221;.</p> <p>We were told that P.N. made recently an offer? An offer? There is no time to lose and the children need urgent protection because they were just forced to participate in an extremely dangerous enterprise! P.N. has to immediately intervene and not just make an offer! P.N. knew that he had just to say something for the cameras to not do anything at all. <span style="text-decoration:underline;">The truth is, that if the cartels grant the transit through Mexico and get paid for that, thousands will walk through</span>.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Not many know that the Mexican territory is divided into approximately 9 regions from which 8 are in the hands of a &#8220;familia or cartel&#8221;. And, the heads of these cartels are usually former Army officers so they are well trained and know a lot about warfare. So with whom do we have to negotiate: With P.N., the cartels or the new President-elect (assumed he is not already in the hands of the &#8220;regional bosses&#8221;)?</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Human, drugs and gun trafficking is the cartel&#8217;s major source of income, so they sure don&#8217;t like the wall. The saddest part is the trafficking, abuse and rape of children. But our communists (former Democrats) don&#8217;t care because children cannot vote anyway and so they welcome the caravan with open arms to feed their voter databank with names from adults. It wouldn&#8217;t surprise me if &#8220;Beto&#8221; requests a delay for Midterm Election Day until his constituency arrives in Texas. Whoever is opposed to the wall as a barrier, doesn&#8217;t give a dime to this horrendous tragedy and to the sovereignty of the United States. And, the Latin American presidents who are just watching how children are forced to walk from Honduras through Guatemala and Mexico are committing a crime against humanity and accepting mass child abuse and mistreatment.</p> <p>Latin Americans used to be &#8220;brothers&#8221;. Where are they now? They are not doing a thing to protect their people because they are only interested in protecting the elite and their own families. This is why any financial help to these countries has to be stopped immediately, as money is only used to enrich the ones who are already wealthy and in power.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Women and children have to be removed by force from the caravan and brought back to their country of origin. Most of all they need to get the right information as they have been lied to. </span></p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Unfortunately, and as we know, women and children are being used as a shield in the front part of the caravan. The organizers know very well what to do as no army is going to attack women and children. We know today that many bad guys are embedded in the caravan: terrorists, MS-13, people that were already deported several times and all kinds of criminals. Meanwhile, these bad guys have attacked the police with stones. Don&#8217;t get me wrong, some guys are good people who really believe that they can invade the U.S. and get a job, but all this out of ignorance. I understand that they are fleeing violence but how could they join a caravan infested with criminals? Were many women forced to join? Violence towards women is sadly very common in this region as well. The problem in the Third World is that poverty not only means hunger and poor housing but analphabetism. I am sure that a high percentage of the participants in the caravan can neither read nor write and are therefore easy to manipulate by the organizers (corrupt governments mentioned before, the communist NWO, the DNC, cartels etc.). They don&#8217;t have a clue about the law and about what is possible to do or not and this is why many are acting not only to pursue a better life but out of misinformation and false hopes. This is no excuse but it has to be taken into account to convince the women to get out of the caravan with their children before they get harmed. Because of the dangerous elements within the group, there is no way around not to call this a national security issue.&#160;</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are failed countries owned either by cartels or extreme wealthy families that have enslaved their populations and profited from large natural resources for decades. Corruption is widespread and a way of life since colonialism.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>The caravan has to be stopped in Mexico and should have been stopped before entering Mexico at all. America&#8217;s southern border is right now a war zone, thanks to the open borders agenda and the catch and release policy from the last administration. Obama, the food stamps and no-legacy-President, has still to respond to the Fast and Furious gun-running operation that caused the death of several border patrols. How could Obama deliver guns to criminals after telling us all this time that he was against guns?</p> <p>And here is the second question to Obama: Where are all those children that were transported away in buses - without their parents - after crossing the border into the U.S. a few years ago?</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>So what we need to do is defend our President and our borders because OUR SOUTHERN NEIGHBOR DOESN&#8217;T HAVE A PRESIDENT and DOESN&#8217;T HAVE A BORDER and Trump is the only leader who is willing to fight and preserve our sovereignty.</p> <p>Vote GOP as if it was fighting for your life! Defend your home country and your family!</p> <p>&#160;</p>