Asia Bibi - Finally Released!! Time to get rid of obnoxious Blasphemy laws!!

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This is what happens when religious fanatics gain power!! A lesson for us all!!


Religion should be a personal matter!


Asia Bibi has finally been released after 8 long years in prison for doing nothing!


It is a clear case of Religious Persecution. Asia was threatened because she is a Christian!


She was working with Muslim women in a village in Pakistan and drank water from a cup. The Muslim women refused to drink from the same cup because she had defiled it! HOW RIDICULOUS!!! They then turned on her telling her to convert to Islam!! She refused and it developed into a big row. She was harassed and told she had to convert. She was supposed to have made comments about Mohammed. That evening they beat her up and she was subsequently arrested and charged with blasphemy. Incredibly this charge carries a DEATH PENALTY!!!


Asia Bibi was locked up for 8 years under threat of death!


A politician who spoke up for her was murdered!!


In my opinion if Pakistan wants to be considered as a civilised country it has to do a number of things:


a. Repeal its disgusting blasphemy laws


b. Become more tolerant towards other peoples' views and religion


c. Become less violent


d. Control its mad fanatical extremists


I hope that Asia Bibi and the courageous judges who have released her are now properly protected from the barbaric religious fanatics.


I also hope that those extremists are arrested and dealt with. Their barbarism needs firmly putting down.


Anyone who advocates violence needs locking up.


If Pakistan wants to be a civilised nation it has to start acting like one. It is a hotbed of repugnant extremism!!