Masked Gunman Attacks McDonald’s Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama

The United States nearly had another deadly mass shooting on Sunday, October 28, if it wasn’t for a quick-thinking father with a firearm. On Sunday night, a masked gunman came into a McDonald’s restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, and started shooting.


The armed father, whose name has not been released, was dining with his children. He leapt into action, returning fire on the gunman. The father fatally wounded the gunman, who died at the scene. Both he and one of his children were struck by bullets, suffering non life-threatening injuries and were rushed to the hospital.


It’s unclear what the gunman’s motives were, but police have been quick to assert that the gun-toting dad who stopped the shooting would not face charges.


There are examples like this story monthly, where a good guy (non law enforcement) with a gun has prevented carnage from an evil person. If guns were strictly limited or banned by local, state or federal laws, this situation in Birmingham, Alabama, most likely been another painful and deadly situation for law abiding people.