The "Unbiased" NYT

Has anyone been aware that the NYT asked 5 fiction writers to come up with a short story called "Trump's next chapter".


It is based on what happens to the Trump presidency after the Mueller investigation completes.


How unbiased is it?  How violent is Trump's rhetoric comparatively?


Let's take a brief look.


- The NYT couldn't find a single author who didn't come away from the Mueller investigation with no charges filed.  In fact, all 5 determined he will come away guilty.


- One author  has him signing the resignation from office per the 25th amendment.


- One author has him being ASSASSINATED - by the secret service no less!  Of course with the assistance of a Russian agent!


They couldn't come up with enough stories by their normal hacks, they brought in fiction authors to jazz it up even more.


But they aren't calling for violence, the president is, right?  The paper has been the flagship about how Trump is calling for violence, and they print a story about assassinating him?


200 Journalists signed an article berating Trumps comments about the press - of course they never once complained when Obama actually TRIED TO LOCK SOME UP!


Freedom of the press?  The press are abusing that freedom to push an agenda  No rational person can possibly deny the bias of virtually every major news outlet.  It shows what a great job he is doing when he is up to a 47% approval rating and 90% of ALL coverage is negative.


Of course there are a certain few who will deny the overwhelming bias of the press.


But you wonder why so many are calling it FAKE NEWS?  Where is the line between fiction and journalism?  apparently the NYT no longer even tries to distinguish it.


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