The fake bombs are a so-called “dry runs”

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The Communist Nwo Network went shopping to get the ingredients for something bigger to come. The “bomber story” is a preamble for a larger attack either short before, or on Midterm Election Day. They are already inducing an acceptance so that we immediately think that “the event” was not avoidable and react less outraged. They are also already inducing who is to blame: President Trump.


The fake bombs are a so-called “dry runs” to analyze how shocked the people are going to react. It is like when Hollywood makes us consume terrifying movies so that we get used to horrible images. For several years China’s-Hollywood and the CIA have been evaluating how much crap the public is ready to swallow or even to enjoy. The test run by Facebook, Google and Twitter failed and this is why the Silicon Valley Elite was completely shocked on Election Day on 2016 as they couldn’t deliver good results - after years of manipulation and brainwashing - to their “masters”.


The high level, as well as middle level NWO-members, that live in the U.S. are desperate. They are right now fighting, not even for their communist agenda, but to not end up in front of a military tribunal.


The useful idiots from CNwoN and other MSM are fighting to maintain their lies and their jobs.


We all need to calm down, pray and vote GOP.