Remember, remember, the 6th of November...

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On November 6th, the United States of America has many elections for city councils, house of Representatives, the Senate, etc. Also, at the same time, the ENTIRE American federal government is run, and has been run for almost two years, by republicans- the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch.


Those who like what is happening to America will vote to keep those people who are running the show in, while those who don't like what America has become will vote them out.
I asked all my white, republican neighbors if they liked what they have seen from this republican administration. Almost all of them said they did. Coincidently, three of my neighbors lost their jobs because their employer decided to fire them. I asked all three of them why they deserved to get fired. They all said it was because Jose and company decided to work harder, longer, and for less money. "Dang!", I said. "Aren't you white republicans going to compete against those hardworking, work-for-less-money, get no benefits Joses? You just need to work three times as hard for five times as less money!"
They all said "Nope! We hate working hard to compete against other hardworking, dedicated, responsible workers!".
I will keep an eye on my lazy, poor, stupid, unmotivated white republican neighbors. Maybe I will even move away from these slovenly folks who contribute nothing to life.


p.s.  I just saw a shifty white male republican running down the street with some stolen copper wire...