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Remember the good old days of Wendy Davis?  It wasn't that long ago (2014) that Mrs. Davis reached the pinnacle of her political career.  She was THE great white hope (or more accurately the previous in a long line of great white hopes) in the wet dreams of the left.  Case in point, Wendy ran for Texas Governor in 2014 and was depicted by the media (and the polls) as being within striking distance of Republican Governor Greg Abbott.  The headlines of the Texas newspapers and media reminded us of that fact daily.  They were absolutely giddy.  This coincidentally allowed Wendy to raise millions from outside the state (Hollywood, New York, etc...).


And then the voters spoke... and Wendy didn't even get 40%; losing by more than 20 points.  Then… she went the way of the rest of the hyped leftist candidates that came before her.  And the main stream media?  Never mentioned her again (like the rest).  Never mentioned all the hype and how wrong they were (like the rest).


The main stream media does this every election cycle in Texas.  They pick a candidate  (usually for Governor or Senate) and hype them as THIS is the one!


Now we have Robert O’Rourke (Beto).  He is within striking distance of Senator Ted Cruz.  The polls show it.  The headlines (Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, even National papers) show it.  The "news" reminds us that this time, it’s true (though they don’t mention all the other times it wasn’t).  He's the darling of leftist TV.  He's raised millions (more than even Cruz) from... Hollywood, New York, etc... (wanna bet if Beto spends all of it on this election, or banks quite a bit of it… because… even Beto knows it isn't going to happen.)



So... any newspaper with a headline touting this latest great white hope is lying to you (and they know it).  Any poll that has Beto really, really close (or even ahead) is lying to you (and they know it).  And you leftist wonder why we conservatives constantly point to the biased mains stream media and explain that they have no clothes?  You even deny there is such a thing as the biased leftist media; deny there is such a thing as "fake news".


Yes.  Beto will do much better than his ilk in the past (due to the irrational level of hatred achieved by the left).  But he WILL NOT win.  THIS is Texas.  If the likes of Beto wins in Texas, you (the rest of the nation) can hang it up and turn out the lights...


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