Yes to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: God’s Gift to American Women

No greater character witnesses than Bill Clintonese-like Republican men have gladly lent their name as references to Judge Kavanaugh’s bid to become a Supreme Court justice (SCJ). But irrespective of party affiliation, and overlooking his predilection for crying more than a baby, and his disdain for Democratic leaders elected by the American people, no such man, with a Bill Cosby tendency for drugging and assaulting women, should be named a Supreme Court justice. Surely, he should be given the benefit of the doubt as, foolhardily, a boy-baby-rapist, now reformed by becoming a Catholic priest, should be forgiven and be placed in charge of an all boy school.

There are more women in America than men. And if Judge Kavanaugh is given the position of SCJ, the Republicans will pay at the polls and Justice Kavanaugh will be God’s political gift to women in their bid to elect the first woman president. Indeed, as I have previously stated, President Obama caused President Trump, and President Trump will cause the election the first female president. It could well be Ford. Alternatively, Kavanaugh could be rejected and as the court of public opinion, the most powerful court in America, caused the Supreme Court to once overruled its self (repeal its ban on liquor), it could cause the people’s removal of the first SJC. Remember, the government only succeed because the people make themselves governable. Mindful of the Civil War, no amount of police and soldiers will stop an angry American people protesting against the Supreme court, as Blacks protested in the Montgomery bus boycott. SELAH


Sadly though, some here will embrace the "sl.." slip in Clinton's tongue in the way he attempted to describe Ford.