Women's Standing up Against DICKTATION or Laying Down for it: A matter of Opportunity and More

It was not that Anita Hill was treated unfairly, it was that, as Michael Manley of Jamaica was ahead of his time, she was ahead of her time in pointing out abuses that women endured. Many women worked as secretaries with jobs that entailed taking DICTATION but was forced to take DICKTATION, even doing so under President Clinton's desk in the White House. 

Some women did not mind as the perks were great. They were the married bosses or pastors' side chicks. So are these White women more valued than Professor Hill was? No, it is a different time, and if the Republicans do not treat these ladies fairly, they will pay at the polls. Dicktation goes on all the time. Ask any undocumented Jamaican or other women working for a green card in some New Jersey or other boondock in the US. They will tell you that at night when the bosses wife is gone to bed, he comes out to play. Hence, many of my fellow Jamaicans got their opportunity to immigrate to Jamaica for the DICKTATION their mothers took. Of course, this is a touchy subject and the culture of many Caribbean women is to grin and bear it. The Americans, on the other hand, will talk about it. Did Caribbean women have the same experiences in the UK or Canada? 

So young boys, be aware, parents, warn your sons. If their lizards begin to stand up, tell them that playing pocket billard is not a bad thing as the church says it is. 

The concern I have is that are we in an age where mothers must strap down male babies penises so as to have them retracted? Perhaps that would be the reverse but same outcome of the Chinese killing female babies.