Could it happen?

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i just read a rather interesting article, speculating about the ways and means Trump might TRULY drain the swamp.


If anyone's been following James O'Keefe and his various hidden cam vids, one knows that at least 3 State dept./DoJ employees were caught on tape confessing to how they've been deliberately opposing their Commander in Chief by either slow-walking, sabotaging, or outright refusing to carry out his orders.


According to this video, one DoJ employee was fired; according to this report, several more have been caught "obstructing and resisting," and have apparently broken several laws in the process - and these incidents point to far more widespread criminal activity on the part of deep state actors, particularly those promoting socialist agendas.


One of Trump's unfulfilled campaign promises was to "drain the swamp," and it appears that he may have a golden opportunity to remove MANY swamp denizens very soon.


Apparently, it is quite difficult to fire federal employees for much of any reason - until a certain threshold has been passed, for example that the government employees have been furloughed for 30 days or more; THEN, it becomes much easier. 


3 days remain before Trump could activate the figurative guillotine, and rid several gov't agencies of quite a few employees, especially ones promoting and advocating for forms of governance that the United States Constitution abhors...and with the hiring freeze in place, immense sums of money can also be saved.


An excerpt from the article i read appears below, slightly edited:


"Then, thanks to technical rules, the Trump administration is legally free to release anyone they want from their contract. And the White House can do so without cause — which saves a mountain of paperwork.


No lawsuit threats. No mass walkouts. No strikes. No paperwork.


Don’t want to work for the Trump administration? Buh-bye!

And just like that: no more “Deep State.”


The plan was hinted at by a senior Trump administration official in an anonymous op-ed in The Daily Caller.


“On an average day, roughly 15 percent of the employees around me are exceptional patriots serving their country,” the author wrote. “I wish I could give competitive salaries to them and no one else. But 80 percent feel no pressure to produce results. If they don’t feel like doing what they are told, they don’t.


“Why would they?” the article asks. “We can’t fire them. They avoid attention, plan their weekend, schedule vacation, their second job, their next position — some do this in the same position for more than a decade.”


The problem runs deep, the author claimed.


“Most of my career colleagues actively work against the president’s agenda,” the author wrote. “This means I typically spend about 15 percent of my time on the president’s agenda and 85 percent of my time trying to stop sabotage, and we have no power to get rid of them. Until the shutdown.”


In other words, anyone that’s a hardworking employee is well-known. The honest workers that rely on their jobs… that work hard every day… that serve their country above themselves? They are all safe.

But after two years, the Obama-era “Deep State” bureaucrats are also well-known to the Trump administration.


In just three days, the White House can finally start cleaning house.

And Schumer and pals never saw it coming."


So, what do you think?  Will Trump git'r'dun, or will he hold off?


Do you think he even has a clue that in 3 days, he can do this?


Alternatively, is this cited article just some speculative bravo sierra?