Your child's gender is relevant

It's offensive when you are told that your children's gender is irrelevant, idiotic where it's suggested children should be allocated numbers until they can chose their own gender. Terrifying when the Scottish parliament recommend that schools can keep children who have expressed themselves about their gender identity hidden from their parents.


Unproven when there's no science behind the social constructivist ideology. Dogmatic and doctrinal when it teaches kids "gender is a social construct" without qualification. Incoherent when OKCUPID offers dozens of genders as options (why is attack helicopter not there?).


Mendacious when it presents children with a worksheet that shows a fabricated image of a boys and girls clothing section, blue and pink respectively with a tagline "what is wrong with this image?" (do green clothes mean I want my kids to be a vegetable?). Pointless when virtually no-one in society is asking for it.


Unscientific when it says "research shows that the sounds we make influence a child's gender in the womb" - heard on LBC-(the majority of the worlds expecting women do not have access to CT scanners- so how does that work?).


Bullying when Chiltern Edge School requires boys wear skirts instead of shorts but allow muslim girls to wear the headscarf. Unscientific where in nature animals behave according to their determined biology- (is the behaviour of a queen wasp constructed?) - can you show any exceptions? Irrational when it asserts biology can be decoupled from psychology. Impractical when the ONS (UK national survey) suggest asking people about their gender be removed from censuses as it may be discriminatory to trans people.


And it's downright lying when a presentation for PSHE (Personal Social Health Economic) teaching in schools says "when you were born your doctor looked at your genitals and assigned you a gender"- 
Do we feel more empathy and awareness to trans-gendered people now? Does Megan Armstrong care?


It has hall-marks of left-wing extremism for example entryism- it's a Conservative government in the UK that are driving changes to the gender recognition act in the UK- remember that big discussion we had at the last election? Me neither.


But the key thing is the use and abuse of state power; university lecturers and public sector workers compelled to use pro-nouns; teachers using social constructivist materials in fear of equalities legislation. Ad hominem attacks on those who disagree- e.g.


"and in doing so, they directly challenge the ideological commitments of the radical right." means - "disagree with me? You're a facist."




The use of the word "popularist" by politically correct ideologues is a not so coded rallying cry against democracy and freedom of thought, in particular, because it assumes people cannot evaluate. When you deny peoples right to make judgements, you are dismissing their right to participate in democracy, which was and is the intellectual justification for not granting freedom of representation in communist states. False consciousness in other words. An enlightened minority get to indoctrinate the masses. If only we made the argument more convincingly, people will agree.


"Megan Armstrong is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham. She is a specialist on identity politics" Identity politics is left-wing form of extremism. It denies the individual and assigns group identities and made possible Stalin's murder of Kulaks and reactionaries, or the Khmer Rouges massacre of "intellectuals".


"The attempt to curtail academic freedom through the proposed ban is certainly one worrying element. Universities are, ideally, a source of challenge to and critique of power: the freedom to discuss, research, and teach is an integral part of this"
the idea of a politically correct ideologue bitching about freedom of speech is laughable.