Digital Tavern: An interesting weekend

OK, I’ll play this game. Here is one of the more humorous stories of my life.


I was living in Atlanta from 1990-1994. It was a well-known history that the Atlanta Braves had been complete losers for decades.  They finally hired John Scherholtz, the guy who put together the Kansas City Royals for 2 decades and brought them to 2 world series and won in 1985.  The late 70s and early 80s were legendary between the hall of famers on the Yankees and the Royals.  They fought (and mostly the Yankees won) the American league pennant.  If you follow baseball at all You likely know George Brett, Willy Wilson, Vida Blue, Thurmon Munson and on and on.


Scherholtz came from KC and built the braves into a team that won their division for 14 straight years, a baseball record, and a world series title in 1995.  They began winning in 1991 with players like John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddox, David Justice, Chipper Jones, and many others.


I had a college friend come into town for a weekend to visit since we hadn’t seen each other for several years, although we talked a bit. 


I had 2 lawn tickets to see the Moody Blues at Chastain Park on Saturday night, no one to go with so we got together and I said, “he come visit, let’s enjoy the show”.  He came in on Friday, and we figured let’s go do something on Friday night so we decided to take in a braves game.  Glavine was pitching and they won 3-1.  Was a great evening.


The next evening, we headed off to our concert and after a few minutes in line, we found a spot on the lawn to relax and enjoy the upcoming show.


As the performance began, a single guy came out on stage and started singing with an acoustic guitar.  We looked at each other and said, huh?  The songs and the voice sounded vaguely familiar however.


About 7 songs into the performance, he belted out a song I recognized – “Rocky Mountain High”


My friend and I looked at each other, and said WTF?  John Denver is opening for the Moody Blues?  How cool is that?


We listened to a few more songs, and then he spoke up and just as we thought he was finished and the Moodies would be out, he said “OK, that is the end of the first half of my set.  Let’s take a 15 minute break and I’ll be back”.


We looked at each other, and again said “WTF?”  During the break I pulled my ticket out of my pocket and examined it.  I noticed we had the date wrong.  The Moody Blues actually were there the day before!


I had seen the moody blues 2 times before this so I knew what I would hear and knew I would love it.  I had never heard John Denver live before, and came as a complete surprise


The takeaways?

  • Went to the concert on the wrong day, and was actually allowed in because a valid ticket that hadn’t been used the night before
  • A lawn seat, so there was no conflict with anyone once in saying why are you in my seat (Nowadays I typically do best seat I can get as you saw with my ELO videos)
  • I had seen the Moodies twice before but never would have thought to pay for a ticket to see John Denver – since, I saw him twice before he passed and now have almost all of his music
  • There was actually a show the random night we showed up at Chastain park. There are seldom back to back shows there
  • It was actually someone I enjoyed and the music, so not only was someone was there, but it was actually music I liked
  • The braves happened to lose that night with Smoltz pitching, so it all worked out for the best, we ended up the winning move.

What a weekend!


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