Corporate Oligarchy America

Yet another example of just how wrong the conservative five were in Citizens United and related cases since that ruling. And just how wrong the majority in the per curiam opinion in Buckley vs. Valeo were. 
And in the even more damaging case of First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti. Which clearly defined the free speech "rights" of corporations under the 1st Amendment.


The problem that these conservative driven majority opinions refuse to acknowledge is that money is not "free speech". Instead, it is a speech "amplifier". Meaning the more money you have, the more that speech is amplified. Or to put it another way, actual "free speech" is completely drowned out by the money being spent to counter it.


An inconvenient truth that is becoming more and more obvious in today's bought and paid, Corporate Oligarchy America.


All I know is that their reasoning, especially the reasoning of the "originalists" on the Supreme Court, is neither logical, or makes any sense. Based on the undeniable historical knowledge that the Founding Fathers were vehemently anti-corporation and passed very strict laws limiting corporate power.


Justice Stevens summed it up when he made the following reference to unlimited campaign spending. 
“They create a risk that successful candidates will pay more attention to the interests of non-voters who provided them with money than the interests of the voters who elected them,” he said. That risk is unacceptable.”


Juxtaposition the above quote with lobbying and the truth of what he stated remains exactly the same.