Poor communities create their own getto's

Recently I revisited a place that was once very nice and sadly noticed it's gone to heck in a handbag, many of the stores have closed, there were no markets, and even fast food was hard to find.  I went into a few that remained and was told horror stories about theft and vandalism that was so bad that even the few places that were left were being put out of business. 


While I was there I saw lots of people riding those new rental bikes, then noticed most had removed or disabled the parts that lock and track them; they stole them.  I stopped in a fast food restaurant and saw a steady flow of people walking in with cups and sports bottles, that they filled up at the beverage bar, and then left without paying.  The employees told me that goes on all day and there is nothing they can do about it. 


I went into some stores and noticed lots of people sitting inside doing nothing.  The store owners told me that happens every day and gets real bad when the weather is bad, it's almost like they turn into a homeless shelter.  They also said many steal things all the time and there is little the shops can do because trying to detain thieves over small items while waiting for the police is risky and fruitless, the police won't do much even if they wait for them to show up. 


I often hear people say it's not fair that the only stores in many poor communities are liquor stores, but that's only half the story, the other half is WHY?  The reason is because people in poor communities aren't willing to ban together and protect businesses in their own neighborhood so they can afford to stay there.  As a result there are few businesses, places where they can buy healthy food, or jobs in those neighborhoods, and it's their own fault.