Black Protest Has Lost Its Power

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Neffdogg, in a recent article told us, <<Barack Obama ran as a transformational candidate, and voters were expecting that he would govern as a transformational president.>> The biggest groups that showed up at the poles in record numbers were color and the youth with both expecting a boost from Obama. Socialism always promises to lift up the lower classes, however; the 'transformation of America' was not theirs but FDR's, a Fabian Socialist vision.

Obama didn't change the narrative for black Americans, white American's are racist. Obama actually worked to support this myth with surrogates including Sharpton, Bidden, Holder, and Lynch, however; Obama was elected by 'white' voters, colored represent only ~ 14% of the population. Lack of opportunity is another part of the myth, the list of successful blacks in many occupation is substantial and in line with its fraction of the population. Dr. Ben Carson on the GOP primary ticket indicates no political or social bias by the majority.

Obama's surrogates and many Democrat politicians are promoting 'micro racism issues' by shaming whites with the charge of 'racism' which black citizens have picked up. Dr Green and G. S. Mc Neill, appear in their writing on WB suffer from believing the myth by presenting observed 'micro racism'. Whites on WB also seem to show fear shaming. Black and white interaction is a symbiotic relationship that is part of American culture from the beginning. Negroes have addressed racism by a group culture of family and religion, a group identity in the 1800's which carries on today. Government approved racism outside of government ended with the civil right laws passed in the Eisenhower and Johnson Administrations and law enforcement has followed through ever since. The election and re-election of a colored President by all races is a clear that the citizens are not racist.

Now both blacks and whites have to learn to deal with freedom and individual responsibility in a nation without the fall back of racism. So long as blacks believe the myth of racism they define themselves as slaves. Isolated bigotry will always exist. We see black football players as a unified group failing to shame fans with 'micro racism.' Trump is the scapegoat is also a failure. Blacks are starting to spoke out to support Trump and voted for Trump, is a sign that blacks are starting to accept individuals responsibility for their own decisions and the resulting successes and failure, instead of embarrassing group responsibility, which is no responsibility.

The founders were classic liberalism that learned the ideology presented in the Declaration of Independence. They experience being on the lower levels of a class society. The original Constitution and first ten Amendments is a legal governing system that rejects the creation of barriers between classes which always results in bigotry. Racism is just one subset. The civil rights legislation returned the focus on our foundation, the declaration.

Socialism arrived on our shores with the industrial revolution explosion in the late 1800s. Since then the wealthy and government class the swamp, deep state, and beltway cartel have been creating barriers at they chipped away on the foundation. The principles taught in schools at all levels is no longer classic liberalism. For decades it has been replaced by modern liberalism which is socialism. Socialism ideology will return the nation to a class based society with bigotry and barriers between classes. Embarrassing the ideology presented in the Declaration of Independence will not. It will however require each of us taking on the hard task of personal responsibility as part of individual liberty.

Some black call for reparations, but slavery is the norm through out human history and little if any reparation has ever been paid in the past. Reparation is like winning the lottery. Only individuals the are independence and take responsibility for improving their lives in the long run turn this win fall into an advantage. Reparations without preparation will be wasted. No amount of reparation will be enough for those that see 'micro racism' everywhere.

Blacks need to start to take responsibility for the policies of the Democratic party which they have overwhelmingly supported for ~ 85 years. Chicago has had a Democratic government for most of a century, this labor day weekend 1000 people have been shot, mostly black on black, not racism. But it is part of the institutional racism seen in the operations of government at all levels since FDR.

Blindly electing politicians at the state and federal levels that fund programs that promote racism is in your hands. Individual responsibility is hard to learn but is the only path that will end racism and black on black crime, a return to respecting life and accepting personal responsibility. With independence and individual responsibility will come the return of the strong black family, economic, literacy, respect for life, and happiness.

If you need to here this article from a prominent black scholar and from a national publication here it is: