Favourite Roads For Our Favourite Cars

A few days ago Stone Eater posted an article titled simply cars, in which he discussed his favourite cars. Somebody suggested in an unusually friendly and good humoured comment thread that it was a pity the comments do not show photos because many of us piled in to talk about our love affairs with cars in general or specific cars we have owned, cars we would like to have owned or cars we have loathed.

I read most of the comments and cannot recall anyone having done anything as carazy as a guy I blogged on a few years ago (I forget where, probably California,) who married his car.
FFS how did he make love to his bride? Stuck it up her exhaust pipe maybe?


We don't have to go to such extremes to be able love cars, but when I think of how much every male, and a lot of females I know, love to drive their cars, I think a lot of they hype being generated about autonomous cars being the future is destined to fall on deaf ears. I suspect there is an agenda behind the promotion of autonomous cars, but this post is about avoiding the polarising effect of political debate and having fun. 


Somebody else in that thread made another suggestion, the creation of open threads (with access by invitation and a few ground rules to discourage fractiousness,) for us to talk about favourite things. Food, places, leisure activities, bands etc. Threads in which we celebrate diversity of opinion instead of attacking each other for our differences.

I would suggest, as there are so many car lovers here, a feature on our favourite roads might be good. In my opinion one of the most spectacular roads to drive is the Sa Calobra Pass in western Mallorca, a wonderfully winding road through a range of not very high but extremely steep sided mountains to a small fishing village. This is not my picture, I haven't yet flown over, but one I borrowed from the official website. cont/

Part of the Sa Calobra pass, Mallorca


Readers who hold the view that cyclists are masochists would have their prejudices conformed on a drive over this road. It is a popular training route for road racers and triathletes all year round so bear in mind as you drive over, that spandex clad bell end you are thinking of sending over the edge into the pits of doom because he's slowed you down for the last five kilometers could be the next Olympic champion if you let him live.


One amusing feature of the route is a fissure in a rock promentory through which the road runs. It is known to the Island's English speaking community as "The Vagina." I can't load video here as far as I know, or you could hear my daughter (who is as whacky as I am,) shouting as she drive us through:
"I'm born again, I've been through The Vagina."

I don't have a still but this screen capture from the video shows how the hole in the rock acquired its name.



Sa Carobra is one of my favourite roads. But no doubt you have your own favourites, so lets's hear about them.



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