Trump and...the Wall, Healthcare, the Mid-East and Tariffs

The Wall: It’s being built. Slowly but surely. But the ire and criticism about the wall shouldn’t be directed at Trump. It should be directed at those circumventing the construction of it. And those advocating for limited or zero border control, sanctuary policy, harboring illegal foreign nationals and demanding they be allowed to vote in U.S. elections.


Healthcare: My healthcare’s great! You want great healthcare, or healthcare at all, no problem. It’s a service, like cable TV, electricity and a cell phone plan...go out and “subscribe” to it. The government isn’t responsible for the nations healthcare just like it isn’t responsible to feed, clothe and shelter the poor and indigent. But be that as it may this is Congress’ mess of a baby, not the presidents, who has a job to do which doesn’t revolve around being everyone’s daddy.


The Mid-East: What would you like Trump to do about it that you didn’t ask Obama or the five presidents before him to do about it??


Tariffs: Fair trade is the ONLY way to move forward. Trump is right. America has been getting screwed and has been taken advantage of for FAR too long by the rest of the world. I don’t have a crystal ball but sometimes the staff must take charge over the asylum. We’ll have to see how things shake out on this one. Right now the economy’s great and my business has never been busier. If things change I’ll be the first to raise hell.


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