Openly practicing "gay" couples and the Church

How is the church supposed to respond to a heterosexual couple who visits the church, expresses belief in the gospel, and a desire to join this church AND let's us know, right up front, that they are not married, but living together as if they were, and with no intention of ever getting married?


And what if that couple also lets us know that not only are they not married, they are each still married to other people, having never been divorced because, they say, they don't believe in divorce? Do we graciously accept them as members, with the knowledge that they are living together, sharing "the marriage bed" without being married?


Would it be correct to say that we would not accept a couple who are openly practicing adultry as members of our congregation? And how, pray tell, would we not accept them, but at the same time be loving, compassionate and accepting of them as lost human beings? Or as Christians who are knowingly living contrary to the Scriptural standards of Christian behavior?


We tell people whom we want to be saved, that they must repent! Or at least we should be telling them that. Are we to make exceptions for the openly practicing "gay" couples who come our way? I assure you I am not being contentious. I am asking all who agree with the author ... for example, Carlos Santiago ... I would love to hear your answer on this issue. Considering all that you said in your post. Just how do we "connect" with the openly (and defiant) members of the LGBTQ community? Without compromising?


Gay churches have come into existence because they are accepted just as they are, and their members are not only allowed, but encouraged to continue in their homosexual activities, because they are teaching that homosexuality is just as "normal" as anyone else, and that their life-style is perfectly accepatable to God, because, after all, God made them that way.


Please, seriously ... I just want to know how to connect with all that. So, we have authorities now telling us how wrong we have been in our dealings with the gay community, and how we need to be loving and compassionate and understanding. Okay, I can understand that ... but that does not tell us, or instruct us as to how to deal with their sexual behaviors. Are we going to start telling them that their attractions are okay, and they can just keep right on keeping on as always. Serious and sencere questions.