Why I Didn't Vote For HRC

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I'm posting this letter I wrote a couple years ago that I composed for a co-worker and her daughter, a "demo-pologist"...you know the type, they can't accept that the Democratic Party, the one that I've been a lifelong registered voter of.... put up a criminal candidate that should be behind bars, not running for the highest office in the land.


The article written by Gregory M, "To Trump Supporters" is the impetuous for me sharing this now.  I make no apologies for the facts you are about to read and I'll never apologize for voting against Hillary Rodham Clinton.


The manufactured collapse of 2008 was brought about by the same "ruling class" that Hillary stands for and is directly tied back to Bill Clinton's actions while in office.


And for the record, many here will find out who and what I am.  I can only hope that my personal life choices will not change the amazing and many times contentious conversations we've had.


The truth must be spoken.


On to the letter I wrote:


Why I Didn't Vote For Hillary




*“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.~Hillary Clinton”


It's a reiteration of NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, the IMF and all those “free trade agreements” and machinations that have destroyed US jobs and manufacturing, as well as, destroyed the livelihood of millions worldwide, while enabling elite corporate sycophants to rape, pillage and steal everything for private profits.


NO thank you.


Let's not forget what happened in Haiti. Her “vision” to remake Haiti into a “business friendly” nation, included REVERSING their minimum wage from 61 cents an hour to 24 cents an hour. To building one “economic building” that is at less than 10% occupancy, to a multi-million dollar hotel that no Haitian can afford to stay at. No one truly knows how many hundreds of millions got funneled through their “Clinton Foundation” to “rebuild Haiti, never to be accounted for.


Then there's what they have done throughout South America. The never-ending list of Crimes Against Humanity in El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Panama, et al will make your blood boil. From arming “rebels” and the militarization of Colombia that “gave” billions in aid and weapons to the Narco-Terrorists, whom went on to overthrow DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED governments to their “purging and disappearance” of hundreds of thousands of “dissidents”.


Why would anyone accept her candidacy for the POTUS as a legitimate moral choice? Legitimate for whom? Women, the LGBTQ community, the poor and disenfranchised?


I must vehemently beg to differ.


Their global war on terror begins and ends at the doorstep of the White House, and not just 1 administration but all of them! Our government is the biggest terrorist and there's always blowback that has put a bullseye on the back of each and every American, ESPECIALLY those of us in the LGBTQ community.


This leads the discussion to illegal immigration, yes, I said it, ILLEGAL Immigration, no not the PC term of “undocumented worker”. When you support open boarders, you're saying that my life and the value of my labor is meaningless to you. You don't truly care about the American middle class or me, as long as you can rationalize your argument from your Ivory Tower, all's good in your world.


A vote FOR Hillary is a nightmare for American workers. Depressing the wages of educated workers by 3% and the poor, uneducated AND minorities by 8%.


In real terms, since I started working in 1979, as a cashier in a grocery store, the value of my labor has been reduced by 35% and the money that I actually earn has been devalued by 263%. MEANING, I was better off as a damn cashier, making $2.85 an hour, without a HS Diploma or my BA in History/Pre-law, that cost me over $42,000 dollars!!!


My dream of retiring when I was 55 yrs old, is now a delusion I can no longer entertain. Reality tells me that I must work until I'm 70 yrs old, or longer, or until I drop dead, whichever comes first. But nooo, I'm given empty platitudes that “America is great already!” and “Stronger Together” by the one candidate that is supposed to represent my interests.


The poor and disenfranchised, such as myself, are just useless eaters to these Neo-liberals. “Undocumented workers increase our GDP!”, they claim. The benefactor of illegal immigration is ALWAYS the wealthy elite, not you or I, or the immigrants themselves!


I am mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted from the perpetual poverty thrust upon me. Somehow, I must accept their “superior moral values” that includes endless wars that have maimed and killed millions while displacing millions more worldwide. ONLY then to be told that I must vote for the party and the system AND support all the refugees their policies created and I'm supposed to do so with open arms, through our open boarders.


IF I dare speak out, I'm a racist, a xenophobe and a bigot.


No, just NO!


At the beginning of the Great Recession, I was forced to “downsize” my own life. I was a Manager in a Fortune 500 Company that went belly up and I found myself “dumbing down” my resume just to get any position. Employers didn't want a 25+ yr experienced Manager, they wanted idiots they could barely pay minimum wage to. Well, 2 ½ years later with my savings account closed, my checking account almost overdrawn and having used up all my 401k, I found myself on the brink of homelessness.


I was finally offered an hourly position at a nationally known car rental company, I had NO CHOICE but to take the job as a Rental Sales Agent. In this hourly position I came face to face with the results of their programs and immigration policies. As a Transgendered Woman, I've been threatened, ridiculed, humiliated and treated with contempt by immigrants from Nigeria, Yemen and Mexico. One co-worker, a Muslim man (Nigeria), told me that I was insane because I dared to speak against his misogyny, until the moment he found out I was actually transgendered, then his hatred and contempt for me became impossible. He went so far as to threaten me, claiming he'd have others “take care of me”.


I was the talk of the town, so to speak, and found out very early on that many of the male co-workers that came here as immigrants would kill me if they could and to quote exactly, “If I found out that the woman I was with was a man, I'd beat the fuck out of him and dump his body in the trash where it belongs.”


I immediately went to my superior and asked to leave early, telling him what had occurred and I accepted one truth, they couldn't protect me. I kept forgetting, I must accept these people with open arms, they're here to escape the tortures and oppression they experienced in their own countries.


Well, what about me??? Am I just collateral damage in their quest for a New World Order?


Reality is such a bitch. It was our American Hegemony and Imperialism, disguised as Disaster Capitalism, that has brought about the majority of the chaos, destruction and inequality I've experienced firsthand and have witnessed worldwide.


Eight years ago, I voted for hope and change, voting in a Constitutional Law Professor under the mistaken ideal he would fix things, but what I got was a 3rd and 4th Bush Terms! No one went to jail for the largest fleecing in human history, no one went to jail for their War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, no one went to jail for their collusion to sell us a war based on lies and fabrications.




Our Constitutional Law Professor, signed the NDAA, allowing him or his appointees to “label” anyone, anywhere in the world, INCLUDING ANY AMERICAN, as “enemy combatants” and in

REAL LEGAL TERMS, disappear any of us. How utterly treasonous. This law professor not only signed said bill BUT DEMANDED THE POWER to indefinitely detain us for future crimes we may commit.


As a lifelong registered and voting Democrat, the illusion that my party was going to save the world and protect me, has ended.


We gave them total control of the White House, the Congress AND the Senate. My “identity politics” was simply destroyed with their criminal collaboration, we infamously call “ObamaCare”. With one signature our government and our lives have been stolen from us. I've been hoodwinked into believing lie upon lie, manipulated into believing one man (or woman) could protect and save us and that somehow they were going to make my life better.


Let's be clear here, the ACA steals $3700+ out of my own paycheck each year, takes $7200 in contributions from my employer and all for “the opportunity” to MAYBE see a doctor. Health Insurance DOES NOT EQUAL, healthcare. This past year alone, my co-pays have taken just over $2600 out of what's left of my paycheck. We were told that the ACA would reduce our premiums and we'd be able to keep our doctors, that's if you could get one that actually took your insurance!!! Aetna of New York is collapsing!


All this after a bizarre Supreme Court Decision laying the legal foundation for our government to order us to pay ANY, for profit private corporation, they decree! Goldman Sachs anyone???




Oh wait, wait, we got the Lilly Ledbetter Act and Marriage Equity (after a Supreme Court decision), yaaaaahooo...????!!!




The bars on my, our gilded cage, having been revealed; I'm left with no legitimate moral choice, VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE.


Their full-spectrum dominance of my beliefs, my thoughts, my labor, my rights and my entire life, MUST END!


Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Why would I continue to vote AGAINST my own best interests, including the interests of women, blacks, economically displaced immigrants and the war refugees they, NO, she created?


How many children must be beheaded?


How many nations must fall?


How morally bankrupt must I become to rationalize voting for a corrupt party, a corrupt system or corrupt candidate that has laid the foundation for the destruction of the entire planet, enslaving us all to a Corporatocracy of their own design?


Am I still to believe, after the forgoing evidence has been revealed, that Hillary Rodham Clinton has mine (and our) best interests at heart?


Is the one and only issue I'm to focus on is my gender identity? Is this enough for me to ignore and deny the truth of her policies, positions and criminal collusion to destroy our nation, our mores, our society and our constitution?




I'll leave you with this quote to ponder:


This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.


~ Fredrick Douglas”



~Gerri Leanne