DRAFT: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - and that is precisely the problem. In this post-truth era we are all in denial of the truth as presented to us by experts, the media and politicians. We don't believe any of it. Hence we go to sites we think we can trust because they peddle the bias we want to believe in. We choose the truth we want to believe.


It is far from the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; it is a version peddled to satisfy our tribal positions, to exaggerate, give bias and inflame. It undermines the truth.


None of us are good judges of who to believe. We are all being manipulated by someone. Those who believe otherwise are fools.

This is the post-truth era. There is no truth and our own judgement is highly suspect.


This lack of belief in experts, scientists, the media and politicians is very destabilising. The belief in truth is what binds society together. Without it we have anarchy. Anarchy is not good. It is a place where the rich, powerful and biggest bullies exploit everyone else with impunity in all manner of ways.


How do we get back to believing that these people are spouting truth?


People like Trump are busy undermining the truth and our institutions and spreading their own version of truth for their own reasons (Power and Wealth). If this continues then the fabric of our society falls apart. The cement is gone and the fiction breaks down. There is no unifying force.


The current division and tribal hatred is a result of this tear in the fabric of society. The unifying fiction is dissolving. God, King (the President) and Country no longer holds everyone together. We're divided. Too few people believe in that fiction anymore. We think we're being lied to and exploited.


The holocaust, Jews, Trump, climate change, 9/11, Brexit, education, extinction rate, overpopulation, the UN, NATO,  - we choose what we believe on political tribal grounds and gather the stats to back up our own view. We do not trust the experts, the politicians or the media. We even reject history. Instead it is superstition, intuition and our flawed judgement that is brought to bear.


The result is division and hate. Society is falling apart.


How do we reclaim the truth before disaster hits?