Imagine promises meaning something

A promise made, a promise kept.  Imagine a return to a sense of civility. People treating others with opposing opinions without descending into conversation which use the negative force of four-letter words.  Wouldn’t that be a nice change?


It’s been awhile since I ventured into Writers Beat.  I prefer facts as opposed to opinions.  Unfortunately, feelings seem to take precedence over what is actually happening.


I am the one who wrote the article over 2 years ago “Why I am supporting Donald Trump for President” before he was elected.  I am back today to express to you that my reasoning continues to be proven correct by the accomplishments (against all odds) Donald Trump has achieved in less than 2 years of being in office.  I spoke to the turning point of selecting a Supreme Court Justice who was well versed in the U.S. Constitution – promise made, promise kept.  Now we are looking at another selection which will balance the scales and return the Supreme Court to Constitutionalist.  After all, it is the responsibility of our elected Law Makers to change laws and not depend on the Supreme Court to. The responsibility of the Supreme Court Justices is to enforce the laws, not write or change them.


I spoke to the logic of returning prosperity to the United States as a positive thing, which could also be a positive thing for the rest of the world.  Promise made, promise still being worked on in the attempt and hard line stance to obtain free trade around the world with zero tariffs on any nation.  There is no doubt in my mind the American middle class brought Donald Trump to the finish line and will support him in the midterm and 2020.  The European Union is back at the table, as is the UK, and others will follow.


Black, Hispanic, Asian and women have achieved the lowest unemployment levels in over 2 decades.  The growth in the stock market is unparalleled and since the tax cut was implemented, more and more off shore capital is being reinvested into our economy.  Today, our economy is up 5.5% while China’s dis down 15%.  Make America Rich Again – promise made, promise obviously being worked on.


As recent as today, “Obama economic Adviser admits Trump’s economy is working”, even for poorest Americans. Quoting from the article written by Ben Jamin Arie August 5th, 2018, [“The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer.”  That’s the claim spread by many liberals, at least….but even one of Barack Obama’s former economic advisers just admitted that it’s a load of bunk]  Another quote from the article, [ Now, there’s evidence that under Donald Trump’s presidency, so-called “poor” Americans – actually very well-off by global standards – are getting ahead at a faster rate than the wealthy.}  He went on to say, “You are actually seeing faster wage growth at the bottom than as the top, so I don’t see (widespread inequality) either.”


The left claimed the Presidents stance with North Korea was going to lead to Nuclear War – instead we have captives returned, soldier’s remains being returned for the Korean War and no missiles being tested over Japan. – that’s a good thing.  The left didn’t want him to meet with Putin and called him out for not publicly disparaging Putin when they met, Instead he opened a dialogue with him.  The truth is: It takes communication to get to Cooperation, so talking is a good thing. 


NATO has expected the United States to defend their borders with our troops and equipment but not holding up their end of the bargain by paying their agreed upon 2% of their respective GDP – Today the stance is – pay or protect your own borders – More are starting to pay as a result of this Presidents policies.  And last but not least, building a wall between California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and Mexico is very important.  Legal immigration is a good thing – the media likes to put illegal immigration into the same conversation, but always leave out the word “Illegal”.  The President said we will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.  The left believes it means Mexico must write a check.  However, what they will not tell you is the truth.  Mexico is already paying for the wall in the loss of the new factory Ford didn’t build in Mexico but located back in the U.S., and the same thing happened with Carrier and Chrysler just to name a few.  Add up the loss of revenue and related loss of jobs in Mexico and you will soon start to see the wisdom of this President.  Make no doubt about it, Mexico is paying for the wall. 


I will close with this question:  Why is it so important to spend billions of dollars and American lives and lifestyles for those who come home without limbs, to protect their borders yet such a stretch to protect our own.  Like him or hate the President, he is delivering on the promises he made to the American people in spite of the main stream media’s constant attacks and some within the Republican Party as well.  The mid term elections will be the true test of the Trump policies with nearly 50 Republican law makers not running for re-election, which in my opinion is Rino’s falling on their swords to increase the chances of a Blue Wave in the mid-terms in hopes, of achieving  the pathway to his impeachment as the end game.  Make no doubt about it, middle class America is still behind this President.  Actions and results still speak much louder than words.