DRAFT: Let the Facts out on the Russian investigation

This whole investigation is truly dividing America and shaking it to the very core and I have a very good idea how to bring it to a conclusion.. Let the American people contact their congressman and women and demand they release every document that there is and demand they be unredacted so we can see it all. I for the life of me can not see how they are looking into Trump collusion and then you see all of the collusion in the other camp and nothing is done. If we can openly lay out the documents so that we the people can see them and make up our mind and stop playing these silly games when the intel committees ask for these and are either turned down or slow walked. I feel we the people deserve much more of out elected officials and it is time to do the right thing. Let us see the Fisa Court documents, let us see the full documents from Bruce and Nellie Ohr who worked for Fushion GPS. I want to see the text messages between Strzok and Page and I want to see how the fake dossier was used to go after Trump and his campaign. I always hear how the government like transparency and yet I really never see it, and it is time that WE THE PEOPLE get just that.