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Bildergebnis für trump loud mouth


So our most-loved foreign leader Donald I. Trump has declared that "who deals with Iran won't deal with us".




So let's stop dealing with the US, right ? Why ? Because as I see it, the world still consists of independent, sovereign countries where not one single country can order others who to deal with, right ?


Pure arrogance, I say. The image of the ugly American reappears with full force, and apparently the majority of its citizens agree with such behavior ? Prove me wrong, please. I mean, what would the US say when for example China would show a similar behavior ? Or Germany ? US, don't deal with Saudi Arabia (allow me a LOL...;-), or we don't deal with you anymore, because you deal with a terrorism supporter (Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, As Shahab etc.).


See what I mean ? Or not ? If not, well, no sweat.


If we cowardish Europeans let ourselves be blackmailed by the US, we don't deserve better. After all, Europe is a market of 500 million people which can deal with Russia (150 million), China (1.5 billion) and Nigeria (200 million), so let's do that and let the US do what they want. They can concentrate on their continent.


Unless the US restarts to be an equal and fair partner on the world stage and not try to be the boss of the planet. But the US dismantling their occupation bases around the planet and giving up controlling each and every international organization and the currency market is wishful thinking.


Remember: No empire has ever lasted but has crumbled sooner or later. Maybe some should occupy themselves rather with history than tweeting around, munching McShit and watching Fox news.


And then have the idea that they know it all.


Therefore I advise us Europeans: Don't give a shit about sanctions (c) USA which will destroy OUR economy. If you do give in, you're happily digging your own grave.


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