DRAFT: Female Make-up and sexuality – what is it all about?

Female Make-up and sexuality – what is it all about?

I am a great admirer of Desmond Morris – the animal behaviourist and human observer. He tackled the whole business of why females wear make-up and what that make-up is doing.


Women wear make-up to make themselves attractive.


Women wear make-up to signal their availability.


Women wear make-up because it became a habit.


So let us start with a standard heterosexual girl. She wishes to make herself attractive to males and signal her fertility.


Her tactic is to attract in males and then select the one that she believes has the characteristics she would most like to pass on to her offspring. That is the reason for sexual attraction.


So what might she do?


She might redden her lips to make them appear fuller and redder.


She might use eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes look bigger.


She might use rouge to redden her cheeks.


What does all this meant to achieve? Why is it attractive to males?


According to Desmond Morris this is a mimicry of what happens in sexual arousal. During female sexual arousal blood flows to the lips and cheeks making them red. The eyes dilate and widen making them look bigger.


So is make-up merely mimicking sexual arousal?


To supplement the effects of make-up the female uses bras and cleavage to accentuate her breasts, clothing to accentuate her child-bearing hips, high heels and short dresses to accentuate her legs and perfume to create a heady musk.


How does that work?


Well perhaps it appeals to male vanity? They assume that this sexually aroused female is responding to them and react accordingly.