Hating White People

I don't know when it became so fashionable on the Left to promote hatred of white people, but it sure seems to be catching on.  A few years ago Salon.com had an article that began: "The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt."  "Can you think of another web publication of its status in this country that could explicitly demonize others by race and gender, and say that “the future of life on the planet” depends on restraining them?"

Most recently, pathetic and extremely biased New York Times showed how desperate they are for attention by hiring a very bigoted new staff member and defending her hatred of white people:

NY Times Defends Hiring Writer With History Of Inflammatory Tweets

ABOVE: some of the questionable tweets

On Wednesday, the NYT announced that it had hired Verge senior writer Sarah Jeong to join its editorial board to write about technology. By Thursday morning, old Tweets from Jeong—circulated, prompting headlines like "Newest Member of NYT Editorial Board Has History of Racist Tweets."  Instead of firing her as they obviously would if her comments were made against any group but whites, the NYT defended their racist choice.  Just try landing a job in the liberal media with tweets like the ones above inserting "Black" or "Latino" or "Arab" for the word white, suggesting their race should be cancelled, or they are goblinlike, or how fun it is to be cruel to them, or how they are bullshit or dumbasses....


The sickening approval of such behavior by the Left makes me wonder if those in charge are aiming to foment a race war after the economy inevitably crashes and bad times start to seem like the end times....


The Foxhole blog recently quoted this article from GAB:

EXPOSED: Anti-White “Hate Speech” on Twitter By CNN, Buzzfeed, NYT, and LA Times Reporters

Hatred of whites is protected by the First Amendment like any other form of hate speech.  Americans are free to say stupid and offensive things.  But when venerated institutions implement policies which are clearly and extremely biased, while claiming to be impartial and fair - that is where I see a problem.


"It’s time to surface this hatred and hypocrisy and bring it to the attention of millions of people.


Some of those laughable anti-white bigots need to look in the mirror. They’re as white as the fucking driven snow. If they really want a ‘white genocide’ they can start by putting a gun to their heads. The sooner they remove themselves from the gene pool, the better."


This only contributes to a divided America.  Europe is being divided as well, served to Islam on a silver platter by traitorous leaders puppets in the hope that eventually a popular backlash will foment civil war and world war - and allow the elite to usher in a New Order with more concentrated power for themselves after nation states have been destroyed...  Tariffs are being implemented to encourage domestic production in anticipation of world war... It's going to be a wild ride soon.