The Democratic Party: Daily being Destroyed by Useful Idiots

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Neither democrats nor anyone else have proof of treason by Trump; insofar as D'OhBama is concerned, he gave jets, tanks, and war materiel to long-and-SELF-declared enemies of the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - then there was the giving of 150 BILLION to the world's largest state-sponsors of terrorism, Iran, who is ALSO a long-and-SELF-declared enemy of the United States, routinely burning US flags and denouncing America as "the Great Satan" while both funding and actively committing terrorist attacks on Americans and America's allies.  There's only one crime defined in the Constitution, and that's treason; check and see if you think that D'OhBama's actions in the two above-referenced incidents qualify.  And that's just what we KNOW about.


And i've heard hints and rumors that D'OhBama ordered a US drone to be landed at an Iranian airport so that they could seize it and analyze it; same deal with the 2 boatloads of US servicepeople "captured" by Iran and held as hostages for a time; this time, the alleged purpose was to allow Iranians access to the comm and encryption equipment aboard the boats.  If asked, i MIGHT be able to find the source of that info again.


Now, look at the ridiculously stupid things the vast majority of Dim-dummycrats have stood behind last few years - increased taxes, no borders, destroy ICE, shoot cops, support the kneelers who disrespect the Anthem and those who serve this country, support the genocide of black babies(Planned Parenthood), support sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens and address none of the concerns of ACTUAL Citizens, both legal immigrants and those born here, vote for NOTHING which would improve the country, and whinge endlessly about "Impeach 45" to those who can NEVER have the power to do so(has to be a majority vote in the House, which Mad Max's demagoguery will never accomplish; crying "impeach 45" to those who have no power to do so is just bombast designed to deceive). She, herself, has admitted that Trump will certainly be re-elected, not impeached.  What do they have to run on?  There's nothing they can point to and say "we did that."  They're too busy "obstructing" and "resisting," aren't they?


You won't see any kind of a "blue wave" unless it's "Tidy-bowl." What the few remaining Dims will see is a total slaughter(figuratively, not literally) as they lose more and more seats in both Houses of Congress - perhaps we'll even see a Republican super-majority - which won't matter if globalist shills are elected instead of nationalists who are completely on-board the Trump train.  Use some DISCERNMENT, people, and get your candidate ON THE RECORD as to where her/his true loyalties lie.


The party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, anti-civil rights voting, criminal vote-stealing, and obstructionist Dims are DONE. Baked.  Stick a fork in 'em.  The party itself is being destroyed daily by idiots promoting socialism and the wisdom of the #walkaway testimonials, growing more voluminous, expanding on a near-logarithmic scale - with accurate descriptions of exactly WHY they're leaving in droves - is growing at an amazing rate every single day.


Now, the idiots are embracing the world's worst form of governance - socialism - which killed nxs of 100 MILLION people in the 20th Century ALONE.  I can't think of a single country to which refugees are fleeing in search of freedom and the opportunity to experience the hard work which produces prosperity which is socialist; quite a few immigrants to this country - both legal and ILLEGAL - ESCAPED from socialist tyrannies to flee HERE.  No way in heaven or hell that either is going to vote in favor of the crap they barely survived - but by the democrats hitching their wagons to that star, they have doomed themselves.  If they don't soundly and publicly REJECT socialism, and soon, they'll cease to exist as a viable party in America within 5 years, max.  After November, it's quite likely, IMO, that their reduced numbers in Congress will render them useless as any kind of effective change agent.