America is Lost!!

I can’t help but think that America is lost.


It is wallowing in division, hatred and fake news.


The people have lost faith in their leaders and do not believe anything any experts say.


This is the era of conspiracy theories and lies pumped out by right-wing sites intended to cast doubt and undermine all credibility.


Nobody knows who to believe. They attach to the absurd.


It is a land of poor education and religious superstition in which hypocrisy is the norm.


All that matters is profit and cash and the elite have been creaming it in and running the system for their own ends. Trump epitomises it.


As the poor are fed false hope in the midst of this fake storm the rich are busy cleaning up before they jump ship.


America lies like a beached whale as truth recedes. It was led straight into a mess of its own making.


The Russians and terrorists look on gleefully at the discord and self-destruction they have orchestrated.


America is lost and Britain is following suit.