DRAFT: Tariff & Beer

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A half ass Trump produces half ass policies producing half ass outcomes for a half ass country!


HOW PERFECT! Oh yes, American Exceptionalism!


Could the dumb ass get any better than this?




COKE is raising its prices and BEER is going up. Damn, those TRUMP TARIFFS are sure helping out us deplorables!


But rest assured the soybean farmers are going on corporate welfare, BMW are raising it’s prices and Harley Davidson is moving some of its work out of the country.


Goldman Sachs projects Ford and GM will both lose $1 billion each this year because of Trump’s tariffs.


Well hell, it’s only money!



The interesting problem is that the trade war with China sets in motion a loss in market share.


And the longer all this continues, soybean farming will grow in other countries and once that becomes established it may NEVER shift back to the way it was before Trump’s destruction of the American soybean farmers.


But that doesn’t really matter. Fucking Dump hasn’t any stock in soybeans!


So, you got to admit that no one except The Imbecile In Chief could have bankrupted a gambling casino but THAT is the “brilliance” of Dump’s business aptitude.


You’ll understand what direction we are going economically when you see the first “garage sale” on the White House front lawn. Cash Only!