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I can’t believe the Crap that is being presented to the American people as NEWS. I can’t believe the Crap that is coming out of Europe as News. They are in crisis mode 24/7. When there is no ideological issues of the day, they create one. Even going back 20 years to a subjects youth. I will not provide examples, because they would become the subject of comments, and this article is about the future of information. All I will say is that the POTUS is forced to Tweet and hold election style rallies to present accomplishments to the people. MSM does not include any Trump success, which is American success, no matter how pertinent to daily life.


We no longer have a Main Stream Media folks! The Big Six (names provided at the end of the article), manufacture the story they wish to tell. They search for small details that suit their mentality, and make that the story over the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. That is what is commonly referred to as “FAKE NEWS”.


We used to have the fourth estate, the media that acted responsibly, and with held information harmful to the United States, or presented malfeasance honestly, such as Watergate. Now they pay questionable people millions, for that same information, and publish it as coming from unnamed sources. All that matters is shock value.

Prostitutes who will say and do anything for money, are now presented as credible sources to disparage elected officials.


Tabloid style sensationalism and emotion, is the entry to the psyche. Immigrant children are the latest heart strings being pulled. Before that it was hapless immigrants wanting a better life, the environmental destruction of the world, the failure of the Economy and immanent war, have also had their turn. As each piece of misinformation is destroyed, it is replaced by an equally emotional hyped event.

Here's a shocker: Americans have very, very little confidence in the fourth estate.

Gregg Levine of Al-Jazeera America reports that trust in television and news media has reached an all-time low, bringing it on par with trust in news on the internet. The internet. Yikes.

America’s trust in media has fallen from 36% to 19% for Television News; from 32% to 18% for Newspapers, and from 21% t0 18% for Internet news.

As you can see, the report is based on a recent Gallup poll that tracks confidence in news media. While strong trust in web-based news has remained consistent (even if consistently low) for about fifteen years, optimism for traditional news media has been on a noticeable downward trend.


It is amazing how many people understand others, better than they know themselves! That, in itself is not evil. It is delusion of the worst kind, because it prevents a true understanding of people and how they function. But your opinion of me, ranks with the daily news; interesting but mostly a false interpretation of facts. We see events through filtered eyes, and interpret those events based on our experience and results of our own failures.


As an example. POTUS prevents a War with North Korea, by demonstrating the power and consequences of what that war would be like. He drops a Mega bomb on a mountain strong hold in Afghanistan, and totally obliterates an ISIS command center buried deep in the mountain. The real lesson is to Kim Jong Un:. Your underground Nuclear facilities, missile sites, and command bunkers, are not safe from our attack.

He fires Tomahawk missiles at Syria, over Gas attacks. The real lesson is to NOKO. Neither the Russians, nor anyone else can protect you! USA firepower will destroy your strongholds. He attacks again in Syria over gas. The real lesson is to NOKO. We can attack anytime we choose; AND WILL.


He promises fire and fury. Flies B-1 bombers over NOKO, as training. Moves the bomber fleet to Guam, sends Stealth bombers and fighters. Places a 1000 times amount of missiles fired at Syria, on submarines. All demonstrating how USA can obliterate NOKO, if they continue to act badly.

To add emphases, he ridicules Kim as Little Rocket man, and tweets My button is bigger than yours, and works. With the unspoken message of Syria and Afghanistan, clear.

The RESULT: Kim says, lets talk, and here are your hostages back, stops testing and firing missiles near USA allies! THAT IS PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH FOLKS!


But the hate filled media, reports that it is not happening fast enough. That human rights are still abused in NOKO, that Kim is cheating, that USA is being played for a fool, etc. etc. etcetera, etcetera. They do not report the truth, but the truth they wish for. i.e. the failure of Trump, even of it means WAR, and the death of millions. They try to prevent a real relationship with NOKO from happening, by printing innuendo and questionable intelligence, to satisfy their delusion, that Trump is evil, and must be removed at all cost!


So what does the future hold? Where can an intelligent person who needs real information go? Well, what I see, are credible sources willing to put their integrity on the line, as filling the niche. The ideologues will continue with what ever supports their delusion, but voters who care, investors, business owners and those concerned about their future, need unbiased information!

Private enterprise will fill the gap left by the Big 6 media conglomerates who provide Movies, Music, sports, NEWS, and other forms of entertainment, being replaced. YES! News is now entertainment!

1. GE, who owns Comcast, NBC and Universal Studios.

2. News Corp. Who owns FOX, Wall Street Journal, and New York Post.

3. Disney. Who owns ABC, US News, MegaMax and Pixar and MARVEL.

4. Viacom. Who owns MTV, NICK jr, BET, CMT, Paramount.

5. Time-Warner . CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Bros.

6. CBS. Who owns Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL.COM, Jeopardy and 60 Minutes.


But there is hope for the future. I see Subscription news as providing unbiased analytical information, suitable for decision making. Bloomberg's - TicToc, is a recent addition, Circa shows promise, and several others are under construction.

How long until a subscription news channel appears on TV? Like a sirius radio station with integrity, for television.

People want real news in a timely manner, and are willing to pay for what used to be free, for NEWS THEY CAN BELIEVE! The bottled water of media.

It hasn’t happened yet, and perhaps the big 6 will be able to stifle free speech, as they do now, but I prefer to believe in man’s quest for knowledge over emotion.