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Last night I had a discussion with Torg and Warg. The older regulars here might know them, because they form a part of me, myself and I :-) So, I was sitting in the kitchen sink, while Torg was counting spaghetti and Warg was complaining about rows of water at midnight, which was clearly disturbing him.


Then, suddenly Torg said:

"Last night the moon was red, so I prepare tomato sauce now. Where's the ketchup ?"

Me: "Try to open that drawer over there."

Torg: "I don't want to draw, stupid. I want keeetchuuup HAAH !"

Warg: "Hehehe, Torg doesn't catch up with ketchup."

Torg: "You're just jealous because I can count to more numbers than you."

Warg: "So what ? My numbers are worth more than yours. I saw the Jones drawing in a paper !"

Torg: "You can only do paper planes HA ! I know that. I heard it perfectly !"

Warg: "Fill that empty can over there with air and give me that, whacko ! My spaghetti need be mixed with air so they don't stick to one another."

Torg: "It's not 8.45 PM yet."

Warg: "??"

Torg: "You know nothing ! Spaghetti are best tasty when put in the pot at 8.45 PM."

Warg: "OK, You win this time. I won last time, remember ? I could yell "Huahua" 564 times in the local bus while you only arrived at 456 in the same time !"

Me: "Come on guys, quit the blather, cook and don't forget to put chocolate into that tomato sauce."

Warg: "OK. The dog next door was just barking twice. That means a thunderstorm is coming and I don't like water in spaghetti sauce. Remember the earthquake last year when my milk turned into yoghurt ? THAT was fun HAA !"


On that remark we all laughed and I moved away from the mirror. Suddenly I had that strange feeling that I was in fact alone.