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The guns roared. The bodies fell. The bullets flew. The dead lay waste on empty shells. The stench of death reeked in the air. Survivors wailed from tear stained despair.


We’ve been here before. Oh so many times. With each falling body. The death knell chimes. I’m right, you’re wrong. The oft repeated song. Won’t mean a damn if humanity’s gone.


Olive branch extended. Only to be burned. Friends close. Enemies closer. Historic lessons learned. Yet inevitably will be spurned. Like Darwin says only the strong. Compromise shot. Walls prevail. Cross us again. Run out on a rail.


Rulers talk. Party’s spit. Talks behind closed doors. Media has a fit. Speculation abounds. Talking heads resound. Blank air awaits to be filled with something profound. But nothing forth comes. Addition without sums. Those in the know don’t. But shout out from their lungs.


He gave away the store. Now there is no more. He stabbed us in the back. Guards take him to the rack. We didn’t hear what we wanted. Now our days are haunted. He put us in an awkward position. Enter the Spanish Inquisition.


Hawks mad. Doves confused. Media scrambling. Who lit the fuse. Innocent until proven guilty. How dare you throw that in our face. We’ve walked away from that precept in our infinite fall from grace.


Court jesters abound. Over airwaves they resound. With rating on the rise. Their pockets oversize. This plot thickens. All blood sickens. Being fed their crap. Well knowing it’s a trap.


They all cast assertions. Believing their diversions. The truth is no more. They have to manipulate the score. The liars stand proud. The cloak of might is their shroud. Shots are fired as they dance. Never willing to give peace a chance.


For their peace is a piece of the pie. The whole thing to be known. As their truth is a lie. To share is forbidden. Suffering and pain is a virtue. But when the sun finally explodes. They too shall die.


Ric Wells



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