Maoist America

Battle Creek, Michigan has always been a Leftist town. It was one of the major stops for the Underground Railroad and home to Sojourner Truth. With Spiritualists and Communists and much labor agitation to boot, Battle Creek was always a progressive town. It is one of the homes of the Seventh Day Adventists. 


Battle Creek got its moniker from a scuffle between land surveyors and an Indian who charged out of the woods to attack them. No one died. No one was hurt. Just a scuffle. In the early 1900s, the Battle Creek residents put together a city seal that depicted a surveyor beating off the Indian with his rifle. 


Since the 60s, the City re-imagined its seal. But there is this small stained glass window in the Second Story of city hall where the old seal is still promulgated. 


The City is now going to remove the seal. 


Nine months or so ago, an Hispanic City Commissioner started on a screed of "You stole this land", and attacked so-called white privilege, white oppression and white supremacy. She ended her screed by saying this stained glass window has got to go! (I protested her outrageous speech, was removed and three months later charged with Loud&Boisterous, and given a 275 fine.) 


What I see is a depiction of an historical event. Just that. This offends Liberals. 


Next door to us is the city of Kalamazoo, MI. It just removed its Pioneer Fountain which showed a Pioneer and an Indian together from their central park of Bronson Park. This is also akin to the removal of Confederate memorials throughout the South! The Liberals are on a mission---a Mission of Destruction. 


What we are witnessing is Maoism. Just like Mao in his Cultural Revolution, his followers went around destroying the heritage of their own country and then these young people began killing their parents and teachers! What we are witnessing in America is the same thing---the destruction of our heritage--a cleansing of our artwork from the body politic!  The Liberals are engaged in a Maoist cleansing of America of its European struggle and heritage. 


Welcome to Maoist America. The Liberals are Maoists. Their hate towards inanimate objects. It is all part of a Hate campaign. They talk about Tolerance. Is there tolerance toward our heritage?  No. They talk about Multiculturalism. Do they leave our culture alone?  NO. What about Free Speech. Is not the Window at City Hall---Free Speech?  


They dump a crucifix in a glass of urine---offend millions of Christians----THEY DON'T CARE---and call it Free Speech. They burn the American Flag---offend millions of American patriots----THEY DON'T CARE. But showing history and a people honoring the struggle and sacrifice of their forefathers---AND THEY ARE OFFENDED---and they go into hyperdrive to destroy. ......All their previous stances is of no concern. ....they don't regard their own previous stands! They don't have to obey anything they say about others. Calling them 'hypocrites' doesn't affect them; they don't care.


Liberals are showing themselves as totalitarians who speak lies. It is all a lie and a joke. They are on a cleansing mission. Just as Hispanics produce nothing but murderous Communist movements from the Shining Path in Peru, a Maoist organization, to the Sandinistas, to the Cubans, and to the Failed State of Venezuela. Hispanics like Flores show the future of America---and that is Venezuela. America is sick. This removal of the Stained Glass artwork is disgusting; it is a betrayal of our forefathers and the honoring of our forefathers and shows the spinelessness and yellowbellied cowards of the cuckolded whites of America. Todays White Americans have NO business inheriting the fruits of their forefathers. America is the land of cuckolds and cowards. America is dead and gone replaced by Maoists on a murderous rampage. After they are done removing our artwork, we are next on the agenda. Jamaica went on a bloody rampage killing all whites two hundred years ago. Another hundred years ago, the Brazilian leadership ordered---ordered  all whites to divorce their spouses and marry colored people. 


The removal of the Stain Glass window, a small, insignificant piece of artwork, is them showing who is in control and telling Europeans---your days are numbered. It is about putting Europeans in their place. It is about destroying Old America---and replacing it with their socialist Maoist Totalitarian utopia (...and that is why they need an Hispanic electorate).


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