I am KING of the world!

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I have innate knowledge of everything I need to know. I know when a Presidential decision is bad, I feel it in my bones. I know how to bring peace to the world. It is obvious that having weapons is a provocation. I am smarter than all those who came before me. I know, how others should behave. They are deplorable, for not knowing what I know, and not living as they should!


People are destroying the planet. I see proof on Google all the time. Fossil fuels are evil, we have the wind and sun to warm and cool us. It is not my car that is poisoning the air, it is all those rich people with their Big engines. When I meet them on the highway, I force them to follow my rules of the road. If they violate my space, I will run them down and force them off the road. If I cause an accident, and children are hurt, it is not my fault, they should have been more considerate!


How stupid are those Bible Thumpers? They read 2000 year old stories, and want to live as long gone zealots say they should. This is a new age, and any two people should be able to marry. Any sex is good sex, and all children must be taught those basic rules.


Schools are the place to mold minds, before they are tainted by the world. Parents rights must be ignored for the good of society. We can't make a better world, using outmoded concepts.


All men are created equal! Why should one man have more than another. From those with the greatest ability, to those with the greatest need! People must be made to support the misfits of our society! If someone objects to participating in their chosen life style, they deserve to lose their business, or their charity shut down!


Every person deserves the best medical care available, and money should be no object. So you lived an unhealthy life style, you are only human. Men should pay for all the medical problems unique to women. We are equal after all.


I know how to make a better society, not those old men who wrote the Constitution.. We live in a new age, it is time for new thinking. Free speech is the most important thing we have. I have every right to send emails to my enemies Boss, and follow him to public places and disgrace him in front of his family. I even have a right to go to his home and tell his neighbors how deplorable he is!


It is my duty also, to protect the public from hate speech. Those deplorable s who would poison young minds must be stopped. It is my right to destroy public property, keep people from operating their prejudiced business, or even going to work, to make my opinions heard!


When I need backup information, for what I already know, I have Google, Youtube, and social web sites to support my thoughts. I can write about History, with their help. My innate understanding of how this world came to be as it is, trumps the old stories written by the winners. I know everything I need to know.


I am smarter than those fools who spent their life in the profession, and especially those in office.


I am the Master of all I survey! I am King of my world! I AM YOU!