DRAFT: President Trump the Horrible or Headmaster Extraordinaire  


Every Blankman: I am ashamed of this country, which has become the laughing stock of the world. How could it be that this nation, with its highly educated people, elected a president whom the majority of the people did not vote for? How mean-spirited he is to suggest building a wall to keep undesirables out.  This is not what the Democratic Ideals of America espouse.


Republican: There is nothing to be ashamed of. Tell me: Which of those enlightened countries has elected an actor, a Blackman, a peanut farmer, a Whiteman who fooled Blacks that he was Black, or a Trump? As for our highly educated people, it is better to think of us a pragmatic people--more into getting things done than to be harping on the theory/niceties behind getting things done. (Of course, we love the checks and balances that would deter conformity and the tyranny of majority rule.)


Perhaps that is why many enlightened Europeans are confused as to why a nation that shuns intellectualism is the one they have to run to when the shit hits, or is about to hit, the fan. But alas, the election of President Trump has resulted in mass education regarding the intricacies of American politics and the wisdom of the founding fathers in drafting such a living and breathing Constitution.


Informatively, a practical understanding of the dynamics of the Electoral College allowed a “dumb” Donald Trump to beat the intellectually predisposed Hillary Clinton. As for the wall, examine the graphics to see the security you, as the head of your family, have around your house to keep out murderers, rapists, “beastialitysts,” and other undesirables. Why then do you believe it is mean-spirited for President Trump, as the head of the nation, to adopt the same methods you are using to try and keep such individuals out of America? Albeit, it may not be a fence. But as federalist and antifederalist discussions informed our Constitution, so too will our pro-immigration and anti-immigration discussion inform our national security. The difference now is that unlike how the antifederalists had to hide to voice their opposition, tolerance and the First enables all to say his or her piece. 

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